World View Perspective: Recognizing our own energy

There is a force field of high energy that surrounds our own physical body.  This energy is our expanded Self, our spirit self, containing a spiritual component of Intelligence.  When we are attuned to it, we can receive and perceive impressions and awareness that, when accessed, can be quite useful in our lives.  We can receive psychic and intuitive messages that help us discern what else we might be dealing with and working with in our situation on an energetic level.  Learning to discern what we are perceiving and receiving in our energy field is important because we can perceive any numbers of impressions; both containing positive and negative vibrations. 

As we aspire to and consciously practice recognizing our own energy field and vibration, we begin to discern when an energy enters our field which is not healthy, positive or useful for us.  Once we can do this, it is far easier to make different choices in order to avoid a situation or person who might have a negative impact on us.

The high energy that surrounds us is an Intelligence. We can form a relationship with this high energy and come to value it as a reliable form of subtle guidance and communication.  Everything is energy and the high energy that surrounds us is Loving and Compassionate and it understands our very nature.  See it as Light that surrounds your physical body and it is there to keep you safe and protected.  Perhaps you are about to dive off a rock and yet you can feel a hesitancy in your immediate environment.  This hesitancy almost feels like a person or a friend is standing by you to keep you from harm.  It isn't physically present like a real human friend could be but rather it is a subtle presence that is clearly telling you not to make the choice to jump.  When we are attuned to this subtlety in our energy field, we are guided to make conscious choices that are more aligned with who we are.  It is a more useful tool with a psychic understanding, giving us a clearer sense of a better path or greater options to take.

Practice standing in a room, feeling yourself grounded and clear in your own energy field.  Close your eyes and have a friend, partner or spouse walk in quietly and reach their arms out to you.  Notice what you feel, notice what happens as they walk closer towards you and then further away.  Be aware of the subtle shifts in energy, vibration and feeling.  Notice how it really makes you feel.

Learning to discern our own high energy field helps us expand our own understanding about life and what's around us.  It becomes a powerful tool of self empowerment and self awareness as well as containing greater possibilities for healing.  Our own High energy is Beautiful, Loving and Graceful and we are never truly without it.


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