World View Perspective: Owning our own true worth and value

Accessing our True Spiritual Essence and Higher Intelligence and trusting our own inner perception of people, events and experiences enables us to transform into an expanded Self.  This Self within us can clear the fear and see things more truthfully as they are.  It is not bound by fears, frets and regrets but rather, our Higher Self can show us how to flush our energy with Grace, Compassion and Infinite Love.

This is our true value and worth.  It is our own inner 'pot of gold'.  It is the Higher expansion of who we really are and it guides us perfectly with Love, through Love and to greater Love because it is Love itself.  Owning our own Love, found it our Highest Heart, allows our life to feel, heal and transform into an ongoing consciousness of unfolding shifts and changes that resonate to more and more Love.  Love is the strongest Force on earth.

Our own High Heart is our True worth and value because it connects us directly to the Infinite Love that surrounds and abounds our life; it is truly life itself.  Life is a dance of the unconscious becoming conscious and it does so through the energy of Love, Compassion and Grace.

Love and Consciousness can become a collaborative effort, a force that opens our system to a delightful sense of the inner movement of Light, understanding and Joy.  As if a best friend is near by, loving and supporting all our best efforts to shift change and grow towards more and more of a positive outlook, perspective and an aligned inner point of view.

This connection and relationship with our own inner Love is our greatest inner worth and value because it aligns us with our Truth.  It works diligently to perfect, refine, sculpt and re-design who we were into who we are!  We simply must trust the Love we feel in this process of transformation.  The Love is the True value and worth of why we are here.  It is through Love that the change is possible.  Value your own Highest Heart and the Infinite Love you carry. Watch how it transforms your life and sense of self.  Love is at the Heart of True spiritual transformation!


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