World View Perspective: Grace surrounds the pain

No matter where it hurts, where your energy is blocked or where fear sets in, Grace surrounds the pain.  Everything is energy and as such, we can learn to discern what energy within us is capable of clearing whatever hurts, feels out of balance or is just not moving forward.  When we consciously, actively try to form a relationship with our inner Grace, the response is positive and a collaborative sense of connection is formed. 

This energy of a living Grace within becomes a healing energy for positive change.  Pain comes in many forms throughout our human system.  It can come from bottled up emotions, memories never expressed, slights that happened as a child or something more direct and continual.  Pain wants to be released so we can move forward in our lives.  Accessing our inner Grace enables the pain to be nudged out where it can be surrendered fully. 

Think of it as a thorn that has gone into our skin.  It hurts, we feel it and it maybe goes in even deeper through time.  Yet when we stop and put our attention to it to be freed up and cleared, with some conscious effort, the thorn and the pain can be released.  Once that happens, we can go back to our previous activity or focus and move on.  All pain can be surrendered.

All of our conscious and unconscious pain can be surrendered to our own inner Grace.  Forgiveness is a constant tool, too, that can alleviate the stuck places and spaces.  When we are unconscious, we can hold onto experiences and energy that become major stumbling blocks to our growth and expansion.  Forgiving our self and others, through accessing Grace, is another way for greater healing to occur.

What we hold onto in our hearts, minds and bodies can be released through Grace as a living tool for change.  Be grateful for the Grace that surrounds your life, thank it daily and form a positive, healthy relationship with Grace.  Feel the Grace as a warm, sweet inner light and where you are in pain, have a sense of releasing that pain to the fluid, loving Grace within you.  Grace is truly an unlimited supply of Love, Understanding and Compassion . . . and our surrounding Grace is Good!


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