World View Perspective: Breaking through illusions

With all the rules and roles human nature gets put through, at the core of who we are is the Truth of who we are.  The Truth of who we are aren't the roles and rules we play out.  Aspects of our personalities must experience themselves and express themselves in order to complete certain passages of time.  If our soul has come here to experience being a daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother or grandmother, for example, then those life opportunities will reveal themselves for the sake of the soul and our soul's growth and expansion.  When and as those levels and layers are experienced and expressed, when it is time, we can release the old attachments, let go of what doesn't serve us anymore and give up the old aspects in order for more new growth to occur.

Deep within us, there is also a greater Truth as to who we are and it is clear, clean and pure.  See it as a steady flame, a true fire, a purified crystal of pure intelligence, relating to and resonates with an Infinite Grace.  This Infinite Grace expands to the universe, to all of mankind, to the cosmos and into earth as well as into the very Heart of our Being Self.  It is our essence of life, it is life itself and it is Love itself.  The rules and roles we carry, play out and live out are the illusions about who we  think we are but until they are played out, lived out, experienced and expressed, the deeper Truth can't come to a fuller expression.

When it does begin to come forward for greater expression, the effect is a greater shattering of any and all old, false illusions of who we thought we were or who others have told us or shown us we are.  We must be open and willing to shift and change our self image in order to accommodate the new and expanded sense of an emerging new Self.

See it like the caterpillar who cannot remain a caterpillar and survive; the caterpillar must be willing to change into a butterfly. Liberation of the True Self allows in more Light, greater Love and a deeply reflected Truth.  Understand it like a hatchling who has been in it's shell long enough until that moment comes when it simply must break through and breathe it's very own air to begin to grow anew.

Our True Self/Soul seeks that very freedom.  Human growth and development is akin to spiritual growth and development and often they run hand in hand.  The goal is to awaken to who we really are after undergoing all the rules, roles and rituals of who we are not.  Learning to discern who we are through experiencing who we are not, all the illusions, invites in this deeper level of true spiritual transformation.  It is a true gift, even if the birthing is a bit painful.  If we don't shed our baby teeth, how can we prepare to grow into our mature teeth?  All of life must evolve, shift, change and expand and when we are willing to do so, Life, Love and Infinite Grace will find a way to continue it's most beautiful, unfolding advance.  Breaking through illusions allows more Light, Love and Grace to be present as Truth itself finds it's way home.


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