Saturday, October 31, 2015

World View Perspective: Setting our inner intelligence free

When we sit quietly, we can hear our own inner thoughts and feel out true inner feelings.  We can become aware of a deeper sense of self in the context of the rest of our lives.  This deeper sense of self requires exploration and time to actually hear the Love and Truth being offered.  Meditation helps support this inner guidance and perception as does contemplation.  Just time out in nature also allows for this deeper relationship to form and develop.

After we learn to listen, accept, pay attention and implement this deeper, more profound intelligence, we begin to notice how in touch it is with everything around us.  We have to also, in this process, learn to discern that this deeper intelligence truly feels correct to us.

All around us, each and every day, there are energies begging for our attention, our time and our effort.  Some are useful, needed, necessary and important for us to give our attention to but others need to be weeded out or given less of a priority.  When we utilize our intelligence and our heart to discern what to pay attention to and what to ignore for the time being, we begin to notice what aspect of us is continually guiding us.  Applying our most earnest discernment and aspiration for truth, we can begin to notice that deeper part of our own understanding.

Understanding the true nature all around us is a gift of Heart.  Consciousness and awareness are also great gifts of Heart.  When we become conscious and aware of all the Love around us, we open our Heart to that same vibration.  Soon, we can discern when people, things and even places are of a higher vibration and which people, things and places are not.  When we open to our Higher Intelligence, the Love in our Heart, set free through conscious awareness, allows that Love to become who we are, without any separation.  The joy within us lights up, everything feels so much lighter, brighter and open.

Of course, we must maintain our system and our ability to ground when this happens.  It is important to maintain balance and attention to the present moment and yet, a sense of a new beginning and a refreshing new perspective will also be present.  This is setting our inner intelligence free.  This is letting that deepest Love come to the surface and express itself.  This is allowing Love to be who we are and who we touch in the world.  Our greatest inner Intelligence is Love Itself.  The more we open to this greatest Love, the more it replenishes us, the earth and all around us.  Love resonates with Love, just like harmony brings about more harmony.  Set your Highest Heart free to Love and see how it changes you and your world through the Loving vibration of Love.  Let the Intelligence of Love show you the path forward.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

World View Perspective: Releasing our old self-images

As we evolve, grow and expand our thinking and feelings as we mature on the spiritual path, and through our continued natural human development, we also need to shift and change our self-images.  Without becoming more conscious, we can stay in the energy of old self-images.  Being stuck in the vibration of old images about our self, we run the risk of not opening up to know and experience more true aspects of our self. The old ideas about our self, which may not truthfully reflect who we are in current day, can act as stumbling blocks on our path to greater development. 

For example, if a young boy has to wear his shoes until there are holes in them because his family cannot afford new shoes this becomes one image the boy has about himself.  Yet once he is a man who can afford new shoes, he still might wear old shoes with holes in them because he has not shifted or changed his self-image!  To outgrow our old ideas about our self can be a very resistant concept because we fear we are losing an aspect of our self.  In fact, it is like a flower or a peach that has had it's time to blossom and ripen and now it must be slowly dropped to welcome in the new budding peach and flower.  Our ages and stages are cyclical as well.  We simply need to recognize them.

If our aspiration is to overcome fear on as many levels as we can, then we will need to shift and change our self image from being someone who is still fearful.  For example, to shift out of fear, we would hold our head differently, carry our self differently, speak with greater ease and feel more comfortable being our self without the old fears.  This practiced new behavior would help us with the shift and promote a greater, fresher and newer self-image.  We can also remain conscious to keep old, false behaviors at bay because they are no longer appropriate or fitting for our new self-image.  They don't serve who we are consciously becoming.  This takes conscious effort and attention to how we feel but it assists us in making the changes.

One key to undergoing this shift in awareness is to be grateful for and forgive everything and everyone that help create that old self-image.  Be grateful we have had the skills, the costume, the opportunity to play out an aspect of our self at the time we needed to play it out.  An aspect that we can now release from our active consciousness in order to grow.  The butterfly is such a strong metaphor for this transformation of self-image.  The caterpillar must release her identification of being a worm-like creature on the ground to a beautiful flying creature with amazing wings.  Her transformation is natural and so is ours.  We just have to be conscious and allow for our own evolution as we truly aspire for greater and greater opportunities to mature, both humanly and spiritually, and accept newer, lighter and brighter self-images as we learn to aim higher with our own truest understanding.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

World View Perspective: Owning our own true worth and value

Accessing our True Spiritual Essence and Higher Intelligence and trusting our own inner perception of people, events and experiences enables us to transform into an expanded Self.  This Self within us can clear the fear and see things more truthfully as they are.  It is not bound by fears, frets and regrets but rather, our Higher Self can show us how to flush our energy with Grace, Compassion and Infinite Love.

This is our true value and worth.  It is our own inner 'pot of gold'.  It is the Higher expansion of who we really are and it guides us perfectly with Love, through Love and to greater Love because it is Love itself.  Owning our own Love, found it our Highest Heart, allows our life to feel, heal and transform into an ongoing consciousness of unfolding shifts and changes that resonate to more and more Love.  Love is the strongest Force on earth.

Our own High Heart is our True worth and value because it connects us directly to the Infinite Love that surrounds and abounds our life; it is truly life itself.  Life is a dance of the unconscious becoming conscious and it does so through the energy of Love, Compassion and Grace.

Love and Consciousness can become a collaborative effort, a force that opens our system to a delightful sense of the inner movement of Light, understanding and Joy.  As if a best friend is near by, loving and supporting all our best efforts to shift change and grow towards more and more of a positive outlook, perspective and an aligned inner point of view.

This connection and relationship with our own inner Love is our greatest inner worth and value because it aligns us with our Truth.  It works diligently to perfect, refine, sculpt and re-design who we were into who we are!  We simply must trust the Love we feel in this process of transformation.  The Love is the True value and worth of why we are here.  It is through Love that the change is possible.  Value your own Highest Heart and the Infinite Love you carry. Watch how it transforms your life and sense of self.  Love is at the Heart of True spiritual transformation!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

World View Perspective: Breaking through illusions

With all the rules and roles human nature gets put through, at the core of who we are is the Truth of who we are.  The Truth of who we are aren't the roles and rules we play out.  Aspects of our personalities must experience themselves and express themselves in order to complete certain passages of time.  If our soul has come here to experience being a daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother or grandmother, for example, then those life opportunities will reveal themselves for the sake of the soul and our soul's growth and expansion.  When and as those levels and layers are experienced and expressed, when it is time, we can release the old attachments, let go of what doesn't serve us anymore and give up the old aspects in order for more new growth to occur.

Deep within us, there is also a greater Truth as to who we are and it is clear, clean and pure.  See it as a steady flame, a true fire, a purified crystal of pure intelligence, relating to and resonates with an Infinite Grace.  This Infinite Grace expands to the universe, to all of mankind, to the cosmos and into earth as well as into the very Heart of our Being Self.  It is our essence of life, it is life itself and it is Love itself.  The rules and roles we carry, play out and live out are the illusions about who we  think we are but until they are played out, lived out, experienced and expressed, the deeper Truth can't come to a fuller expression.

When it does begin to come forward for greater expression, the effect is a greater shattering of any and all old, false illusions of who we thought we were or who others have told us or shown us we are.  We must be open and willing to shift and change our self image in order to accommodate the new and expanded sense of an emerging new Self.

See it like the caterpillar who cannot remain a caterpillar and survive; the caterpillar must be willing to change into a butterfly. Liberation of the True Self allows in more Light, greater Love and a deeply reflected Truth.  Understand it like a hatchling who has been in it's shell long enough until that moment comes when it simply must break through and breathe it's very own air to begin to grow anew.

Our True Self/Soul seeks that very freedom.  Human growth and development is akin to spiritual growth and development and often they run hand in hand.  The goal is to awaken to who we really are after undergoing all the rules, roles and rituals of who we are not.  Learning to discern who we are through experiencing who we are not, all the illusions, invites in this deeper level of true spiritual transformation.  It is a true gift, even if the birthing is a bit painful.  If we don't shed our baby teeth, how can we prepare to grow into our mature teeth?  All of life must evolve, shift, change and expand and when we are willing to do so, Life, Love and Infinite Grace will find a way to continue it's most beautiful, unfolding advance.  Breaking through illusions allows more Light, Love and Grace to be present as Truth itself finds it's way home.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

World View Perspective: Recognizing our own energy

There is a force field of high energy that surrounds our own physical body.  This energy is our expanded Self, our spirit self, containing a spiritual component of Intelligence.  When we are attuned to it, we can receive and perceive impressions and awareness that, when accessed, can be quite useful in our lives.  We can receive psychic and intuitive messages that help us discern what else we might be dealing with and working with in our situation on an energetic level.  Learning to discern what we are perceiving and receiving in our energy field is important because we can perceive any numbers of impressions; both containing positive and negative vibrations. 

As we aspire to and consciously practice recognizing our own energy field and vibration, we begin to discern when an energy enters our field which is not healthy, positive or useful for us.  Once we can do this, it is far easier to make different choices in order to avoid a situation or person who might have a negative impact on us.

The high energy that surrounds us is an Intelligence. We can form a relationship with this high energy and come to value it as a reliable form of subtle guidance and communication.  Everything is energy and the high energy that surrounds us is Loving and Compassionate and it understands our very nature.  See it as Light that surrounds your physical body and it is there to keep you safe and protected.  Perhaps you are about to dive off a rock and yet you can feel a hesitancy in your immediate environment.  This hesitancy almost feels like a person or a friend is standing by you to keep you from harm.  It isn't physically present like a real human friend could be but rather it is a subtle presence that is clearly telling you not to make the choice to jump.  When we are attuned to this subtlety in our energy field, we are guided to make conscious choices that are more aligned with who we are.  It is a more useful tool with a psychic understanding, giving us a clearer sense of a better path or greater options to take.

Practice standing in a room, feeling yourself grounded and clear in your own energy field.  Close your eyes and have a friend, partner or spouse walk in quietly and reach their arms out to you.  Notice what you feel, notice what happens as they walk closer towards you and then further away.  Be aware of the subtle shifts in energy, vibration and feeling.  Notice how it really makes you feel.

Learning to discern our own high energy field helps us expand our own understanding about life and what's around us.  It becomes a powerful tool of self empowerment and self awareness as well as containing greater possibilities for healing.  Our own High energy is Beautiful, Loving and Graceful and we are never truly without it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

World View Perspective: We are not the misery

When we experience the misery of life or excessive sadness, we are relating to an experience that has affected our human system; our mind, our emotions, our psychological self or our physical body, which we perceive as our personal sense of self.  We feel it, become aware of it and understand that we have been affected in some way.  We might benefit from counseling, having someone loving listen to us or just take some private time away to process what has happened.  It is a journey of it's own and time is a great healer.  When we can access our spiritual intelligence through forgiveness, through Love, Compassion or Faith, we realize we can surrender any and all misery to a deeper sense of gratitude.  Let the Heart speak to us of gratitude for loving the person, for knowing the people, for having a time or a lifetime with someone special.  We can be grateful for the home, for the location, for all the years this aspect of our life held this loving memory.  Then as we feel the genuine and sincere gratitude, we see all the Love in letting go of what has clearly been experienced.

In this way, we free up the misery, release the sadness, forgive the set of circumstances and move forward.  Evolution has great value on all levels that we are.  All of life moves on from a peach tree to animals to human beings.  Consciousness on all levels that we are also moves on.  Self images also shift and change on all levels that we are too.  The caterpillar becomes a butterfly through moving through it's growth patterns and natural evolution.  Evolution is a necessary step in life and it promotes good health and vitality.  It is ok to shift out of misery into Love.

When we open our minds and our Heart to life, people, friends and family as well as ourselves, energy gets released and movement occurs.  We grow, we shift, we change, we expand all the notions of who we are and what life is for us.  In this way, we mature on all levels; human and spiritual.  The more we grow, the more we realize the truth of life and when we do our Heart fills with even more Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

Misery is a stage and we can feel all the weight of it when it hits us.  If we see it as a process that we can also move through, we can surrender all our misery in exchange for more Love.  We simply need to realize we are not the misery we are holding onto.  Often misery is the emotional attachment to something or someone we had once Loved or an attachment to a painful loss or memory or a nurtured deeply felt negative emotion over time.  Yet, misery can pass out of our system and in it's place, we can fill it with gratitude for having gone through the experience.  By not identifying with misery as a true emotion about who we are, the misery will continue to move on and away from us. Who we really are is the true Love we carry in our High Heart.  When we identify with that Love, all misery begins to disappear.  The more we know we are the Love, the more Love resonates with us.  Once filled with Love, we simply cannot be the misery.  Love is the Truth and we are that Truth of Love.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

World View Perspective: Grace surrounds the pain

No matter where it hurts, where your energy is blocked or where fear sets in, Grace surrounds the pain.  Everything is energy and as such, we can learn to discern what energy within us is capable of clearing whatever hurts, feels out of balance or is just not moving forward.  When we consciously, actively try to form a relationship with our inner Grace, the response is positive and a collaborative sense of connection is formed. 

This energy of a living Grace within becomes a healing energy for positive change.  Pain comes in many forms throughout our human system.  It can come from bottled up emotions, memories never expressed, slights that happened as a child or something more direct and continual.  Pain wants to be released so we can move forward in our lives.  Accessing our inner Grace enables the pain to be nudged out where it can be surrendered fully. 

Think of it as a thorn that has gone into our skin.  It hurts, we feel it and it maybe goes in even deeper through time.  Yet when we stop and put our attention to it to be freed up and cleared, with some conscious effort, the thorn and the pain can be released.  Once that happens, we can go back to our previous activity or focus and move on.  All pain can be surrendered.

All of our conscious and unconscious pain can be surrendered to our own inner Grace.  Forgiveness is a constant tool, too, that can alleviate the stuck places and spaces.  When we are unconscious, we can hold onto experiences and energy that become major stumbling blocks to our growth and expansion.  Forgiving our self and others, through accessing Grace, is another way for greater healing to occur.

What we hold onto in our hearts, minds and bodies can be released through Grace as a living tool for change.  Be grateful for the Grace that surrounds your life, thank it daily and form a positive, healthy relationship with Grace.  Feel the Grace as a warm, sweet inner light and where you are in pain, have a sense of releasing that pain to the fluid, loving Grace within you.  Grace is truly an unlimited supply of Love, Understanding and Compassion . . . and our surrounding Grace is Good!