World View Perspective: Truth aligns us with who we are

In the course of our own human development, we go through so many different cycles; levels and layers of our own experience.  We can experience growth and awareness on mental levels, emotional levels, physical and spiritual levels.  We grow through relationships, expressions, feelings, education, work, communications with others, through close, heart-felt connections to others, through our failures and our successes.  We follow our desires, our drivers, our talents and our skills by way of our intelligence, heart and a sense of what is our best path forward.  We utilize our personalities, perspective and sense of value, loyalty and respect, as well as our humor and human understanding.  We also do our best to please and impress others in our life in order to enhance their lives and our relationship with them.  Along the way, we can also learn and yearn for greater and greater discernment.  Developing the ability to tell the difference between what is correct for us, despite the possible judgment of others, versus just do what everyone else expects of or from us is an important awareness to have and develop.  It takes risk and courage to break from the traditional paths the majority believes is correct based on gender, family structure, religion, personal expectations or societal programming.  Yet, sometimes for the sake of the soul, one has to follow a path that is true to their Heart in order to become that Truth.  Often when that happens, that person must be able to be a warrior for what their truth clearly indicates.

Perhaps this is not a popular choice, perhaps the warrior will lose close, important people in their lives or no longer be a part of something more familiar.  Yet, deep within them, they have a committed sense of what is right and true for them to follow, despite other possible consequences.

When we can learn to discern our own inner Truth; that place in our High Heart that tells us, 'Yes, keep going with this plan', we gain self empowerment and self-mastery over less significant thoughts and over other obligations that are not in our best interests to follow.  Truth is like an inner light that cannot be extinguished because it is a part of our bigger Heart, Soul and Spirit.  It is the Truth we can all seek and align with to guide our life to our greater purpose, which is to realize we are never, ever alone.  Our intelligence expands way beyond what we most easily know. The Truth guides us to this realization because it aligns us with who we truly, deeply are within.  The inner Truth is a destination worth seeking as is the Pure Love that gets us there.


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