World View Perspective: Forgiving ourselves completely

Spiritual development, along with our human development, leads us to the point of self-forgiveness as a path for moving forward.  All the experiences, the awareness, the consciousness, the levels and layers of learning, the confusion,  stumbles and bumbles are all the needed and necessary stepping stones for growth, greater understanding and ultimate expanded thought and feeling.  How else do we learn to discern and improve our lives?  If we had the clearer or more truthful answer at the time, wouldn't we have chosen it?  As and when we look back through our relationships and past moments in time, can't we use hindsight to recognize and realize why we made the choices we made, why we followed certain desires, prompts, ideas about our self only to discover it wasn't at all what we expected?  It is at those moments, that forgiving our selves completely is so very important.  In sixth grade, we can't expect we would know and understand what we learn as seniors in high school.  There was much more development and experience needed first.  Greater growth could only happen after more time and opportunity occurred on our own path to greater wisdom and understanding.

No matter our spiritual or human current development, age or stage, it is never too late to forgive ourselves completely.  Often it is easier to forgive others but when we can completely forgive ourselves first, forgiving others becomes second nature.  Each moment truly moves us on, whether we are that conscious of it or not, and when we can use those passing moments as an opportunity to practice self-forgiveness, changes begin to happen.  We start to set free any past bondages that have effectively tied us up into knots over our past actions.  Again, in each moment, we can only do our best, given our current consciousness in action.  Knowing this helps us forgive ourselves completely.

If we used to swear in traffic at all the other motorists who we thought were in our way and yet after being involved in an accident, we stop and reconsider our stand.  We may realize that the accident happened when we were too frustrated. Now by adopting a more positive perspective, we have altered our consciousness and therefore, our outcome.

Self-forgiveness is a powerful healing tool and it serves to freshen our system and enhance our positive perspectives.  We don't even have to understand all the reasons we have carried any negative thoughts or feelings around after all this time that we may need to forgive.  Yet to forgive ourselves completely, truly sets us free.  It is an ongoing act of true self-love.


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