Friday, September 25, 2015

World View Perspective: Forgiving ourselves completely

Spiritual development, along with our human development, leads us to the point of self-forgiveness as a path for moving forward.  All the experiences, the awareness, the consciousness, the levels and layers of learning, the confusion,  stumbles and bumbles are all the needed and necessary stepping stones for growth, greater understanding and ultimate expanded thought and feeling.  How else do we learn to discern and improve our lives?  If we had the clearer or more truthful answer at the time, wouldn't we have chosen it?  As and when we look back through our relationships and past moments in time, can't we use hindsight to recognize and realize why we made the choices we made, why we followed certain desires, prompts, ideas about our self only to discover it wasn't at all what we expected?  It is at those moments, that forgiving our selves completely is so very important.  In sixth grade, we can't expect we would know and understand what we learn as seniors in high school.  There was much more development and experience needed first.  Greater growth could only happen after more time and opportunity occurred on our own path to greater wisdom and understanding.

No matter our spiritual or human current development, age or stage, it is never too late to forgive ourselves completely.  Often it is easier to forgive others but when we can completely forgive ourselves first, forgiving others becomes second nature.  Each moment truly moves us on, whether we are that conscious of it or not, and when we can use those passing moments as an opportunity to practice self-forgiveness, changes begin to happen.  We start to set free any past bondages that have effectively tied us up into knots over our past actions.  Again, in each moment, we can only do our best, given our current consciousness in action.  Knowing this helps us forgive ourselves completely.

If we used to swear in traffic at all the other motorists who we thought were in our way and yet after being involved in an accident, we stop and reconsider our stand.  We may realize that the accident happened when we were too frustrated. Now by adopting a more positive perspective, we have altered our consciousness and therefore, our outcome.

Self-forgiveness is a powerful healing tool and it serves to freshen our system and enhance our positive perspectives.  We don't even have to understand all the reasons we have carried any negative thoughts or feelings around after all this time that we may need to forgive.  Yet to forgive ourselves completely, truly sets us free.  It is an ongoing act of true self-love.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

World View Perspective: Truth aligns us with who we are

In the course of our own human development, we go through so many different cycles; levels and layers of our own experience.  We can experience growth and awareness on mental levels, emotional levels, physical and spiritual levels.  We grow through relationships, expressions, feelings, education, work, communications with others, through close, heart-felt connections to others, through our failures and our successes.  We follow our desires, our drivers, our talents and our skills by way of our intelligence, heart and a sense of what is our best path forward.  We utilize our personalities, perspective and sense of value, loyalty and respect, as well as our humor and human understanding.  We also do our best to please and impress others in our life in order to enhance their lives and our relationship with them.  Along the way, we can also learn and yearn for greater and greater discernment.  Developing the ability to tell the difference between what is correct for us, despite the possible judgment of others, versus just do what everyone else expects of or from us is an important awareness to have and develop.  It takes risk and courage to break from the traditional paths the majority believes is correct based on gender, family structure, religion, personal expectations or societal programming.  Yet, sometimes for the sake of the soul, one has to follow a path that is true to their Heart in order to become that Truth.  Often when that happens, that person must be able to be a warrior for what their truth clearly indicates.

Perhaps this is not a popular choice, perhaps the warrior will lose close, important people in their lives or no longer be a part of something more familiar.  Yet, deep within them, they have a committed sense of what is right and true for them to follow, despite other possible consequences.

When we can learn to discern our own inner Truth; that place in our High Heart that tells us, 'Yes, keep going with this plan', we gain self empowerment and self-mastery over less significant thoughts and over other obligations that are not in our best interests to follow.  Truth is like an inner light that cannot be extinguished because it is a part of our bigger Heart, Soul and Spirit.  It is the Truth we can all seek and align with to guide our life to our greater purpose, which is to realize we are never, ever alone.  Our intelligence expands way beyond what we most easily know. The Truth guides us to this realization because it aligns us with who we truly, deeply are within.  The inner Truth is a destination worth seeking as is the Pure Love that gets us there.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

World View Perspective: Aspiring to activate Joy

The greatest Joy we can consciously activate is spiritual Joy.  Spiritual Joy allows us to remember who we are and what we can achieve when we open our Hearts and Souls back to the memory of our relationship to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It can be a subtle memory or a bigger opening but we can aspire to remember that purity of Love and connection.  Breathing in and out can also activate that simplest of Joys.  If we are alive and have life energy flowing through us, we can activate spiritual Joy in our Hearts and minds.  Imagine a dancing, singing, playing and playful energy surrounding you, filling you with an uplifting kind of light-hearted magic.  Feel that depth and breath of feeling inside you.  Imagine a beautiful, delightful, ever-present connection and relationship with it.  Allow it to lift you to a state of Joy as you relax deeply into the trust and faith that you are supported on the spiritual plane as well as the earth plane and in your physical body. 

Joy is a light-hearted energy and it is our link to higher and higher planes of consciousness, knowledge and understanding.  Spiritual Joy helps us to keep our balance as well as inspiring our brighter perspective.  Spiritual Joy can also be a positive, healing force because it can lighten our heavy loads so we can see a clearer path forward.

Spirit and our High Heart wants to see us happy, healthy and purposeful in our lives because then our Love resonates with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy and we align with a higher vibration.  The more we shift and change, grow and expand, the more our vibration changes and the more we uplift all around us, enabling their growth.

Everything is energy so when we focus on the positive, the more we enhance what is positive and on it goes and on it grows.  When we consciously, actively access spiritual Joy, we bring in the most positive vibration there is and we continuously expand our awareness of Joy Itself.

There is much in the world around us now that reflects negativity and fear.  When we access spiritual Joy and delight in the Joy, we begin to change what is negative to what is most positive.  The memory of who we are and why we are here; to become the Joy that is most fundamental to who we really are, which is Love.  Activating spiritual Joy brings us the balance, the harmony and the true delight in living.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

World View Perspective: Finding that flicker of faith

Just like the downpour of any storm, just when all the lights have gone off, fear of survival sets in and somewhere there has to be a flicker of faith that reignites us.  Maybe it is seeing the neighbor's light finally coming on or finding the batteries still work in the flashlight or finding the abundance of candles and matches available, which tells us all is well.  It may seem trivial but it is enough to brighten our day and give us the courage to continue.  There is a true reality to who we are, why we are here, what we can do and become.  It is worth aspiring to know that truth is found in our absolute core fire.  The fire that ignites all our passion, our finest interests and our greatest desire to know and to understand.  Our own inspirations are a clue to this notion of where our true passions lie.  When we open to that true flicker of faith within us and kindle what we find there, miracles can happen.  Perhaps they are small at first and barely noticeable but when we fan the flicker of faith, the miracles of faith continue to grow.

If we see it as a light within us.  It may just be a spark of positive thinking or a small feeling that makes us happy.  Embracing that feeling and stoking it, we allow and encourage it to grow and expand.  The more we visualize the fire, flame or flicker, the happier we become.  Realizing we are that light, that essence of life itself, the more we can trust it and put our faith into it.  It serves to renew a deeper sense of self that we can continuously feel, love and support, which creates the depth of relationship we need to have with our inner relationship to faith itself.

Maybe the faith is just in living from now into tomorrow, maybe it is having faith in every breath and perhaps it is having faith in how far we have come in life.  The flicker of faith does not have to be big to start us on a path of fueling the inner faith.  It just has to be sincere, active and with plenty of positive attention so it can grow.

Look, search and do inner research to what brings you a sense of positive well being and what it would take to enhance it.  Put your faith into the most positive flicker you can find.  Watch how it grows.  Let that flicker of faith guide you into uplifting your inner fire to take it even higher!  Aspire to feel that faith throughout and let it shine!