World View Perspective: The weight of past burdens

When we carry the weight of past burdens, we are literally 'weighed down' by them.  Our physical body and energy feels heavy and we feel under the weight of them.  If the past burdens indeed live in and belong to the past, sit still with them and one by one see them as a leaf of a tree and allow them to consciously, actively blow away in the wind.  Be grateful for the learning and lessons but really feel them lift off and be released.  No matter how heavy or painful or dreadful the memories are, let them go.  Then have a sense of planting another tree nearby.  On this tree put flowers of all the good and positive memories you can remember.  Maybe it is just a small memory but it warms your heart or spirit every time you think about it.  Put that on your new tree.  Let those positive flowers go and grow.  Visit them as often as you'd like to.  Nurture them and hold them close.  In essence, you are nurturing positive memories that will uplift you and your spirit, making your body and energy feel lighter.  Energetically, you are also uplifting those who you are connected to as well. 

We often accrue painful and uncomfortable memories and stuff them into our system without consciously being aware of it.  After some time, we are heavily burdened by them and we don't know why we feel the way we do.  Our unconsciousness is capable of holding onto lifetimes of 'stuff' that we end up carrying until we can actively, consciously let them go.  We have to find the inner Heart courage to go into our own energy field and identify, locate, track and find any old stuck energy items that may be hurting our system because they no longer need to be there.  Once we see what may be there and realize we can surrender them, the more we cleanse our system.  In this way,  our burdens will become lighter and brighter until they are all released.

You can pretend you have a hose of fresh, new consciousness that you can spray into your energy field, washing it clean of any energy that doesn't need to be there.  Then imagine you are standing under a shower and feel yourself surrounded again by your own most positive energy.  Now begin your day and notice how you feel.

The cleansing of any and all heavy burdens we carry can become a daily practice.  Whenever you feel your energy go down or become clouded or confused, continue doing your cleansing practice and feel your energy shift, change and become less dense.

Remaining attached to the past or what we identified as our self in the past, keeps us chorded to it in harmful ways that effect our energy and the energy of others.  It is important to consciously, actively release the old heavy burdens so our energy can be freshened and renewed.  The more we consciously do this, the more we feel our Heart and our True Self.  The more we cleanse our consciousness, the more we will truly feel like our Self.


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