World View Perspective: Turning lead to gold

Lead is a heavy energy and gold is worth far more.  When we look at consciousness and energy, if we carry too much old and dense lead (energy) around, we can lose that sense of worth and value to our life.  The key is when we feel our life or our energy is too dense, we should see it as a clear signal to dig way down until you find what feels truly golden within yourself and bring it up to the surface.  Let that light and lightness, lift everything back up and turn everything golden.  Consciousness is golden and, as such, we can always access golden consciousness by discerning and realizing who we are and who we aren't.  There is Love, Compassion and Grace in the core of us.  We are not the heavier energies like sadness, anger, fear, fret and regret.  When we hold onto the past, we remain there until or unless we can transmute it and transform it into our current golden moment of present consciousness.  See it as a lead balloon or one filled with energy that is lighter than air.  Which one will lift you up?  Which one will help you to see everything from a higher perspective?  Golden essence is in all living things and beings because we are not separate from the universal and cosmic vibration of Love.  To be alive is to carry this life force essence.  Yes, it can be blinded from our view if we think we are truly separate from it, which ego can convince us of if allowed, or if we have forgotten our True Nature.  It is in those moments of feeling most removed or blocked that we can call on that golden consciousness by knowing we are not the density and feel restored once more.  Just like replenishing a pond after it has become too clouded, toxic or filled with impurities.  It needs to be refreshed with pure, new water and restored to it's higher natural state.  It is a natural process to go from clarity to being clouded and confused as we deal with day to day life.  The key is to continuously keep our surrounding energy clear, clean and currently present.  Higher consciousness and awareness about who we are and what is true about life in terms of the Love and Compassion in our Hearts activates the golden consciousness that renews and replenishes our joy and enthusiasm for life.  Finding the gold in the heavier lead of our lives takes conscious effort and yet when we feel that gold emerging, that is the time to let it transform our lives in miraculous ways.  Just like a teen who learns to drive, they may have demonstrated their mastery and yet now they need constant practice too.  As we continue to evolve and aim higher in consciousness and awareness, if we understand the principles of shifting and changing our energies to become much lighter and brighter, we begin taking conscious action to change the world from heavy lead to gold.  That pure intention along with action is truly uplifting and inspiring.


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