Monday, August 31, 2015

World View Perspective: Our true worth is our true understanding

One of our greatest gifts is being in a human body with an ability to breathe, walk, talk, communicate and fully experience life.  To laugh, smile, hug, love and feel compassion and understanding for all of life is a true present.  If we truly consider everything is energy and we truly aspire to broaden out our understanding of the true nature of life, we can also realize there is an expanded energy field of awareness and conscious intelligence that extends beyond our every day memory of what is real.  This energy field is awareness and consciousness itself and it becomes more and more subtle as we consciously engage with it.  To establish a relationship with it takes faith, trust and true aspiration.  A higher self does exist and when we aim higher to engage with this higher aspect of our self, it is most willing to respond.  Consider it to be higher guidance that expands our higher understanding of who we really are and how we can come to understand the truer meaning of life. 

See it as a golden, light web of expanded thought and feeling that brings us higher energy, greater clarity and furthers our compassionate knowledge and understanding.  When we realize this plane of understanding exists and we can have a relationship with it, we begin to realize it continues to guide us to more rich experiences of who we really are and why we have come here on this journey.  Our own High Heart communicates with this field all the time.  It is Love, Consciousness and Compassion in it's highest form.  When we realize we do not walk alone because our love is connected at all times to Infinite Love, everything in our life lightens up and brightens up because we become aware that even though we are in dense physical/emotional/mental human bodies that is not all there is to who we are. 

Realizing and knowing this is our truer understanding about the nature of our Self opens the door to our truer worth in terms of why we are here at this time.  To understand our true worth we must not fear becoming it on a conscious level.  Letting go of any and all old stuck ideas about ourselves is a happier, healthier way to consciously proceed towards this more whole and complete understanding.  To carry the Love, Compassion and Understanding we are helps us to resonate with more and more Love and to inspire the Love in others.  To activate that Love and Compassion is our true worth, true value and it expands true self expression, which is the cornerstone of self love.  To understand we are not limited to just our human physical body is miraculous enough and when we expand that awareness to open our Hearts and Minds to Love all of life, through our every breath, our whole system begins to truly shift and change for the betterment of our life, the earth, all of life and all of mankind.  Then we are vibrating our true worth through our true understanding and positive change is clearly abundant.

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