World View Perspective: Our Heart knows who we are

When we feel defeated, depressed, frustrated or even hopeless, remember at all times, our Heart knows who we are.  Our Heart sees more clearly than our mind and through Compassion and Love, our Heart continues to guide us back to our True Selves so we can continue moving forward.  Each experience, each person who crosses our path and every opportunity we have to grow, allows us to learn and to ultimately find greater and greater ways to listen to and trust our own Heart.  When we activate our own True Heart, we have accessed a true and trusted friend.  Sometimes it leads us far a field from where we assumed we would go only to circle back and lead us home again.  Yet, on each journey, we have gathered our strength and lessons, like rocks and shells on a beach that is always within reach.  Once the lessons have been fully learned and their completion becomes like a tool in our quiver, we can release the rocks and shells we gathered on the way, tossing them back to their natural place always through gratitude.  People, places and things are in our lives for a reason and as we grow and mature both spiritual and as a human being, we see them in different ways and on different levels.  Our Heart can always offer insight and awareness on deeper levels about what our life is about when we apply sincerity, gratitude and patience.  Our Heart knows that we are truly loving, giving, compassionate beings doing our best to find our way towards a healthier, happier balance and understanding, which takes time, effort and continuing patience.  Our Heart also knows how to get us there and why our journeys are important.  Our High Heart is connected to greater and greater energies and a higher truth.  It is through this purity that we can gain much more clarity, which expands our Heart to be more open and Loving.  Learning how to truly Love our self, accept our self and follow our Highest Heart is what the Heart echoes to us daily, if only we make time to listen.  Our Heart knows who we are and it also knows who we aren't.  If we are disturbed by energies, thoughts or feelings that don't feel like us, we can honestly say over and over, "I am not that . . .' (anger, disappointment, stress, negativity, etc.), fill in the blank.  Invite your Heart to help you discern who you are and who you really aren't within.  It is happy to do that as it helps you to remember who you are inside.  Our Heart knows we are the Love, Compassion and Understanding because, in Truth, we are not separate from our Heart.  Love is our True Nature and our Heart is this True Understanding and it is good.  Let your own Heart show you who you are!


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