World View Perspective: Gratitude is a breath away

Gratitude lifts the Heart and engages our joy of life.  When everything else looks dismal or feels heavy, simple gratitude for breathing in and breathing out reminds us that life itself is still present.  Counting our blessings, one by one and feeling gratitude for them all, even the challenges, lightens our load.  Courage lives on in the Heart.  Courage to be grateful for all things big and small allows us to continue looking forward.  Negative thinking and feelings can creep into our consciousness and take us on unintended journeys until we realize how far down we have gone.  In a heart beat, we can change their course by activating our own gratitude for our simple life breath.  Walking up to smell a rose or a tree or breathing in the sea air will also do the same thing.  Allowing our breath to take us into a sincere place of ongoing gratitude restores the hope, positivity and optimism for life.  Being grateful for where we are now and where we have been is another mindful technique for practicing moment to moment gratitude.  Life moves on and we must, too, to continue our survival.  Breathing in and out in a state of simple gratitude, reminds us of the necessity to keep going.  To settle the mind, we can also quietly breath in "Peace' and exhale to 'Be still'.  Repeating this over and over tells our mind to be quiet and lets peace come to the system.  It is a restful way to restore balance and harmony to the overall system.  Being grateful for our overall life also allows in more faith and trust in our life process.  The more we practice gratitude for all that our life is and all that is in our life, the more full our life becomes.  We can also be grateful for all that has come and gone in our life as it helped us grow and expand as needed.

The sea is such a great reminder of this principle.  Each breaking wave brings such a new chance for renewal and refreshment.  It gives then it takes away as it continues to move back and forth, much like our breathing in and out, yet it is always present and full.

Just like the ocean, sometimes we have completed with some things, ideas, relationships and even dreams in our life.  We can let them go when it is time and yet retain the gratitude that we had whatever it was as it was when it was needed and when it was ours.  We can surrender those things to an overall feeling of gratitude.

A state of gratitude and our conscious breathing in and out are simple techniques to bring peace and balance to our system as well as to keep us calm.  Life is always in some way on some level or layer a blessing and truly for life, our Hearts are always grateful!


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