World View Perspective: Cellular Love

With all the balancing we do, just living our lives, making time to breath consciousness into 'cellular Love' may not be high on our list.  However, breathing in gratitude for the pure Love and Compassion we carry, existing as deeply as our cells, can bring fresh energy to our very present moment.  We can set up dialogues with our whole body to stimulate more energy, more clarity, more focus and more rejuvenation just through our pure intention.  Making time each day for a 'forgiveness walk', for example, or time out in nature to thank your whole body for all the strength it carries day after day. 

See it as a mother sitting outside around a fire with all her children.  One by one, she openly thanks them for all they bring to the family, appreciates them for who they are and acknowledges each of their contributions.  How would they feel and respond?  How happy would they be to continue to contribute? 

When our True Self makes time to sincerely appreciate all our working human aspects from our pumping heart, breathing in and out lungs, walking legs and speaking voice, etc., those human systematic parts create a positive harmony, bringing more joy, balance and restorative energies into the whole system.  We just don't usually give it much conscious thought.  Yet, even in our core self within our human system down to our cellular structure, we have consciousness and Grace.  Love is at the very core of our human experience.  When our True Self in the Heart makes a conscious effort to honor and respect all the inner and outer dynamics that is our human life, amazing new insights and awareness comes, inspiring and uplifting us in each moment.  Life then becomes consistently miraculous.  We are our own best healers and we heal best through the active sincerity of conscious Love, Gratitude and Compassion.  We are that Love in motion and when our human consciousness remains true to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies that dwells throughout our human system, we continue to progress, grow and evolve through Love itself.  We become more and more conscious of everything and everyone around us and who surrounds us and we realize they carry the Love too. The more we shine this conscious Love the more we invite others to do the same.  Appreciate even your cellular Loving human make up and see how beautifully you and your energy are restored.


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