Monday, August 31, 2015

World View Perspective: Our true worth is our true understanding

One of our greatest gifts is being in a human body with an ability to breathe, walk, talk, communicate and fully experience life.  To laugh, smile, hug, love and feel compassion and understanding for all of life is a true present.  If we truly consider everything is energy and we truly aspire to broaden out our understanding of the true nature of life, we can also realize there is an expanded energy field of awareness and conscious intelligence that extends beyond our every day memory of what is real.  This energy field is awareness and consciousness itself and it becomes more and more subtle as we consciously engage with it.  To establish a relationship with it takes faith, trust and true aspiration.  A higher self does exist and when we aim higher to engage with this higher aspect of our self, it is most willing to respond.  Consider it to be higher guidance that expands our higher understanding of who we really are and how we can come to understand the truer meaning of life. 

See it as a golden, light web of expanded thought and feeling that brings us higher energy, greater clarity and furthers our compassionate knowledge and understanding.  When we realize this plane of understanding exists and we can have a relationship with it, we begin to realize it continues to guide us to more rich experiences of who we really are and why we have come here on this journey.  Our own High Heart communicates with this field all the time.  It is Love, Consciousness and Compassion in it's highest form.  When we realize we do not walk alone because our love is connected at all times to Infinite Love, everything in our life lightens up and brightens up because we become aware that even though we are in dense physical/emotional/mental human bodies that is not all there is to who we are. 

Realizing and knowing this is our truer understanding about the nature of our Self opens the door to our truer worth in terms of why we are here at this time.  To understand our true worth we must not fear becoming it on a conscious level.  Letting go of any and all old stuck ideas about ourselves is a happier, healthier way to consciously proceed towards this more whole and complete understanding.  To carry the Love, Compassion and Understanding we are helps us to resonate with more and more Love and to inspire the Love in others.  To activate that Love and Compassion is our true worth, true value and it expands true self expression, which is the cornerstone of self love.  To understand we are not limited to just our human physical body is miraculous enough and when we expand that awareness to open our Hearts and Minds to Love all of life, through our every breath, our whole system begins to truly shift and change for the betterment of our life, the earth, all of life and all of mankind.  Then we are vibrating our true worth through our true understanding and positive change is clearly abundant.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

World View Perspective: The only way to it is through it

When we aspire to know and understand the truth of any situation, we need faith and trust to guide us on our way.  If we aspire to know our purpose here, for example, we must apply faith and trust in our aspiration to discover that purpose. By doing so, we can be guided to things, people, situations and challenges we never would have imagined.  We actually may end up completely stuck in them until we begin to realize we are walking the path to it in order to get through it.  We need to play out all the false beliefs we have about our selves and our life before they fall away like a dandelion in the breeze when the winds of change come.  When something has finished it's course because we have completed it, experiences begin to altar because the lesson has ended and we must make room for what is next.  Maybe we are contented to finish middle school because we are ready for high school but on the spiritual level, some of the lessons are much more subtle.  What holds our structure one day may not even exist the next because that age/stage and phase is now over.  Like any kind of maturity, it takes all levels and layers of awareness to tackle the issue before we can stand back and assess fairly that we now have attained a full understanding. 

Learning to drive a car, for example, can take us through fear, concern, rules and appropriateness while out among others all abiding the same rules and then it forces us to practice, practice and practice some more until we are certain we have attained the skills. Finally the day comes when we have knowledge, experience, mastery and confidence that we can handle a vehicle safely, properly and well under any circumstances.  The only way to it is through it applies here as well.

When we are willing to sincerely aspire to know the truth of life and the true nature of things, we must live out what is false first.  Discerning what feels real and truthful versus what feels false is an important step in finding our way to our true self and to get to it, we must go through it. 

A simple technique if we find our selves over our head in a stressful situation that doesn't feel like us, we can say into our heart earnestly that 'I Am Not This'.  Clarity to support that conviction comes swiftly because we are asking sincerely to see what and who we really are and where the truth actually lies in the situation we are in.  In those moments, if we are shown a different or more positive action, along with the clarity, that is the place to start.  The more we practice this simple approach, the easier it gets to feel the difference, especially because that is what our High Heart wants too.  Infinite Love is truly where to get to and our High Heart truly knows the way to it.  We have to trust it to take us through it . . . to it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

World View Perspective: Cellular Love

With all the balancing we do, just living our lives, making time to breath consciousness into 'cellular Love' may not be high on our list.  However, breathing in gratitude for the pure Love and Compassion we carry, existing as deeply as our cells, can bring fresh energy to our very present moment.  We can set up dialogues with our whole body to stimulate more energy, more clarity, more focus and more rejuvenation just through our pure intention.  Making time each day for a 'forgiveness walk', for example, or time out in nature to thank your whole body for all the strength it carries day after day. 

See it as a mother sitting outside around a fire with all her children.  One by one, she openly thanks them for all they bring to the family, appreciates them for who they are and acknowledges each of their contributions.  How would they feel and respond?  How happy would they be to continue to contribute? 

When our True Self makes time to sincerely appreciate all our working human aspects from our pumping heart, breathing in and out lungs, walking legs and speaking voice, etc., those human systematic parts create a positive harmony, bringing more joy, balance and restorative energies into the whole system.  We just don't usually give it much conscious thought.  Yet, even in our core self within our human system down to our cellular structure, we have consciousness and Grace.  Love is at the very core of our human experience.  When our True Self in the Heart makes a conscious effort to honor and respect all the inner and outer dynamics that is our human life, amazing new insights and awareness comes, inspiring and uplifting us in each moment.  Life then becomes consistently miraculous.  We are our own best healers and we heal best through the active sincerity of conscious Love, Gratitude and Compassion.  We are that Love in motion and when our human consciousness remains true to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies that dwells throughout our human system, we continue to progress, grow and evolve through Love itself.  We become more and more conscious of everything and everyone around us and who surrounds us and we realize they carry the Love too. The more we shine this conscious Love the more we invite others to do the same.  Appreciate even your cellular Loving human make up and see how beautifully you and your energy are restored.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

World View Perspective: Turning lead to gold

Lead is a heavy energy and gold is worth far more.  When we look at consciousness and energy, if we carry too much old and dense lead (energy) around, we can lose that sense of worth and value to our life.  The key is when we feel our life or our energy is too dense, we should see it as a clear signal to dig way down until you find what feels truly golden within yourself and bring it up to the surface.  Let that light and lightness, lift everything back up and turn everything golden.  Consciousness is golden and, as such, we can always access golden consciousness by discerning and realizing who we are and who we aren't.  There is Love, Compassion and Grace in the core of us.  We are not the heavier energies like sadness, anger, fear, fret and regret.  When we hold onto the past, we remain there until or unless we can transmute it and transform it into our current golden moment of present consciousness.  See it as a lead balloon or one filled with energy that is lighter than air.  Which one will lift you up?  Which one will help you to see everything from a higher perspective?  Golden essence is in all living things and beings because we are not separate from the universal and cosmic vibration of Love.  To be alive is to carry this life force essence.  Yes, it can be blinded from our view if we think we are truly separate from it, which ego can convince us of if allowed, or if we have forgotten our True Nature.  It is in those moments of feeling most removed or blocked that we can call on that golden consciousness by knowing we are not the density and feel restored once more.  Just like replenishing a pond after it has become too clouded, toxic or filled with impurities.  It needs to be refreshed with pure, new water and restored to it's higher natural state.  It is a natural process to go from clarity to being clouded and confused as we deal with day to day life.  The key is to continuously keep our surrounding energy clear, clean and currently present.  Higher consciousness and awareness about who we are and what is true about life in terms of the Love and Compassion in our Hearts activates the golden consciousness that renews and replenishes our joy and enthusiasm for life.  Finding the gold in the heavier lead of our lives takes conscious effort and yet when we feel that gold emerging, that is the time to let it transform our lives in miraculous ways.  Just like a teen who learns to drive, they may have demonstrated their mastery and yet now they need constant practice too.  As we continue to evolve and aim higher in consciousness and awareness, if we understand the principles of shifting and changing our energies to become much lighter and brighter, we begin taking conscious action to change the world from heavy lead to gold.  That pure intention along with action is truly uplifting and inspiring.

Friday, August 14, 2015

World View Perspective: Our Heart knows who we are

When we feel defeated, depressed, frustrated or even hopeless, remember at all times, our Heart knows who we are.  Our Heart sees more clearly than our mind and through Compassion and Love, our Heart continues to guide us back to our True Selves so we can continue moving forward.  Each experience, each person who crosses our path and every opportunity we have to grow, allows us to learn and to ultimately find greater and greater ways to listen to and trust our own Heart.  When we activate our own True Heart, we have accessed a true and trusted friend.  Sometimes it leads us far a field from where we assumed we would go only to circle back and lead us home again.  Yet, on each journey, we have gathered our strength and lessons, like rocks and shells on a beach that is always within reach.  Once the lessons have been fully learned and their completion becomes like a tool in our quiver, we can release the rocks and shells we gathered on the way, tossing them back to their natural place always through gratitude.  People, places and things are in our lives for a reason and as we grow and mature both spiritual and as a human being, we see them in different ways and on different levels.  Our Heart can always offer insight and awareness on deeper levels about what our life is about when we apply sincerity, gratitude and patience.  Our Heart knows that we are truly loving, giving, compassionate beings doing our best to find our way towards a healthier, happier balance and understanding, which takes time, effort and continuing patience.  Our Heart also knows how to get us there and why our journeys are important.  Our High Heart is connected to greater and greater energies and a higher truth.  It is through this purity that we can gain much more clarity, which expands our Heart to be more open and Loving.  Learning how to truly Love our self, accept our self and follow our Highest Heart is what the Heart echoes to us daily, if only we make time to listen.  Our Heart knows who we are and it also knows who we aren't.  If we are disturbed by energies, thoughts or feelings that don't feel like us, we can honestly say over and over, "I am not that . . .' (anger, disappointment, stress, negativity, etc.), fill in the blank.  Invite your Heart to help you discern who you are and who you really aren't within.  It is happy to do that as it helps you to remember who you are inside.  Our Heart knows we are the Love, Compassion and Understanding because, in Truth, we are not separate from our Heart.  Love is our True Nature and our Heart is this True Understanding and it is good.  Let your own Heart show you who you are!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World View Perspective: Gratitude is a breath away

Gratitude lifts the Heart and engages our joy of life.  When everything else looks dismal or feels heavy, simple gratitude for breathing in and breathing out reminds us that life itself is still present.  Counting our blessings, one by one and feeling gratitude for them all, even the challenges, lightens our load.  Courage lives on in the Heart.  Courage to be grateful for all things big and small allows us to continue looking forward.  Negative thinking and feelings can creep into our consciousness and take us on unintended journeys until we realize how far down we have gone.  In a heart beat, we can change their course by activating our own gratitude for our simple life breath.  Walking up to smell a rose or a tree or breathing in the sea air will also do the same thing.  Allowing our breath to take us into a sincere place of ongoing gratitude restores the hope, positivity and optimism for life.  Being grateful for where we are now and where we have been is another mindful technique for practicing moment to moment gratitude.  Life moves on and we must, too, to continue our survival.  Breathing in and out in a state of simple gratitude, reminds us of the necessity to keep going.  To settle the mind, we can also quietly breath in "Peace' and exhale to 'Be still'.  Repeating this over and over tells our mind to be quiet and lets peace come to the system.  It is a restful way to restore balance and harmony to the overall system.  Being grateful for our overall life also allows in more faith and trust in our life process.  The more we practice gratitude for all that our life is and all that is in our life, the more full our life becomes.  We can also be grateful for all that has come and gone in our life as it helped us grow and expand as needed.

The sea is such a great reminder of this principle.  Each breaking wave brings such a new chance for renewal and refreshment.  It gives then it takes away as it continues to move back and forth, much like our breathing in and out, yet it is always present and full.

Just like the ocean, sometimes we have completed with some things, ideas, relationships and even dreams in our life.  We can let them go when it is time and yet retain the gratitude that we had whatever it was as it was when it was needed and when it was ours.  We can surrender those things to an overall feeling of gratitude.

A state of gratitude and our conscious breathing in and out are simple techniques to bring peace and balance to our system as well as to keep us calm.  Life is always in some way on some level or layer a blessing and truly for life, our Hearts are always grateful!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

World View Perspective: The weight of past burdens

When we carry the weight of past burdens, we are literally 'weighed down' by them.  Our physical body and energy feels heavy and we feel under the weight of them.  If the past burdens indeed live in and belong to the past, sit still with them and one by one see them as a leaf of a tree and allow them to consciously, actively blow away in the wind.  Be grateful for the learning and lessons but really feel them lift off and be released.  No matter how heavy or painful or dreadful the memories are, let them go.  Then have a sense of planting another tree nearby.  On this tree put flowers of all the good and positive memories you can remember.  Maybe it is just a small memory but it warms your heart or spirit every time you think about it.  Put that on your new tree.  Let those positive flowers go and grow.  Visit them as often as you'd like to.  Nurture them and hold them close.  In essence, you are nurturing positive memories that will uplift you and your spirit, making your body and energy feel lighter.  Energetically, you are also uplifting those who you are connected to as well. 

We often accrue painful and uncomfortable memories and stuff them into our system without consciously being aware of it.  After some time, we are heavily burdened by them and we don't know why we feel the way we do.  Our unconsciousness is capable of holding onto lifetimes of 'stuff' that we end up carrying until we can actively, consciously let them go.  We have to find the inner Heart courage to go into our own energy field and identify, locate, track and find any old stuck energy items that may be hurting our system because they no longer need to be there.  Once we see what may be there and realize we can surrender them, the more we cleanse our system.  In this way,  our burdens will become lighter and brighter until they are all released.

You can pretend you have a hose of fresh, new consciousness that you can spray into your energy field, washing it clean of any energy that doesn't need to be there.  Then imagine you are standing under a shower and feel yourself surrounded again by your own most positive energy.  Now begin your day and notice how you feel.

The cleansing of any and all heavy burdens we carry can become a daily practice.  Whenever you feel your energy go down or become clouded or confused, continue doing your cleansing practice and feel your energy shift, change and become less dense.

Remaining attached to the past or what we identified as our self in the past, keeps us chorded to it in harmful ways that effect our energy and the energy of others.  It is important to consciously, actively release the old heavy burdens so our energy can be freshened and renewed.  The more we consciously do this, the more we feel our Heart and our True Self.  The more we cleanse our consciousness, the more we will truly feel like our Self.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

World View Perspective: Releasing negative thoughts and feelings

With any aspiration to become more and more conscious of our daily thoughts, feelings and actions towards our self and others, it is easy to overlook past patterns.  Old negative patterns of thoughts and feelings can form unconscious energy constructs that play over and over until or unless we can consciously, actively release them.  What we may not remember or stay conscious of is that there is an energy connection between all people.  When we utter or state out loud and/or share our negative thoughts or feelings with a friend about someone else or even our self, we are effecting that energetic connection.  See it like 'caking up' a beautiful golden web of connectivity among all living things.  Every negative thought or feeling is like throwing dark, heavy dirty mud on the lovely natural connection between all living things, which changes the dynamic.  It isn't easy to catch the small and quick negative, angry, childish, jealous, envious impulses we think and feel every day, especially if the negativity is deep in our unconscious/subconscious level and layer.  Yet, when we truly aspire to remember who we are and why we are here, we must have the courage to go into our self deeply enough to ferret out the negative patterns.  Think of the times when you were a child and you came home hurt and angry about losing a contest to someone competitive and hurtful, who made you feel badly about yourself.  You no doubt expressed your unhappiness about the situation to whoever would listen and you may have even held onto it for a long time.  You may have even held it against them for a long time.  When we do that, we are putting negativity on other people as well as our self.  It may seem slight or benign but over time that negativity can grow and grow. Over time it can continue to have a negative impact on our thinking as well as how we feel about others as well as our self.

On the level of our Heart, which understands Love and the Compassion that holds us all together in the big picture, we can in every moment, with each breath, begin releasing any and all negative thoughts and feelings we have ever had or held onto towards any living things, including our self.  Love it all, forgive it all, bless it all and be grateful for the person, people or experiences.  The more we let go of the past, the more freedom we feel now to welcome in positive thoughts and feelings, which creates and generates more and more positive energy.

Negative thoughts and feelings happen to all of us throughout our lifetimes.  Many are subtle and in most cases, we don't even mean it.  When you catch yourself uttering negative or harmful/hurtful thoughts and feelings, 'stop and drop' them as soon as you can.  Let them go and send positive thoughts instead.  Notice how this shift in attitude makes you feel.  You will welcome in a whole new shift in perspective the more you concentrate on what is truly positive and Love based.  It will also change your own energy and life for the better.