World View Perspective: Love and forgiveness can move mountains

When we can sincerely say, "Please help me to forgive it all, love it all and thank you for it all,", miracles can happen.  We are here to learn to discern, grow, keep on developing and to expand our thinking.  What holds us back the most is fear of the past reoccurring and consequently, we hold onto the memory of the past so tightly, we cannot easily or naturally move forward.  We effectively stay stuck in the muck instead of being grateful we are still alive and able to move on.  The past was simply an event, an experience, a point of growth, understanding, perhaps confusion or a disappointment.  Yet, when we actively, consciously love it, forgive it and go beyond it, we change our memory of it and, through gratitude and lessons learned, we continue to move forward in our lives.  Our collected and accrued fear lives on in our mental, emotional and physical planes and it continues to whisper the stored memory of pain to us, as if it is still real and current.  Maybe we were hurt at 5 years old but if we are now 55 and still hurt in that regard, then we have held onto that hurt for 50 years. 

There was a story about two monks, one older and one younger, walking through a forest.  They had both taken vows to not touch women.  They came across a women who had to cross the river but she couldn't on her own.  The younger monk walked right by her as she pleaded with him to help her cross.  The older monk picked her right up and carried her across the river.  As the two monks continued their walk, two hours passed before the younger one stood in front of the older one and demanded he explain why he had touched a woman when they had taken vows not to.  The older monk turned and said, 'I carried her for ten minutes and released her, you have carried her for two hours.'

To move forward from anything that holds us back, we must love it and forgive it or we are held back by it.  Clarity of consciousness and clarity in the context of each moment are key to being more present now.  Now is the only effective time to change or improve anything.  Now is what matters.  Continued thoughts and feelings of Love and forgiveness can and do move mountains because they ease the heaviest of loads.  On our way to attaining greater and greater consciousness and Love and Love of consciousness, loving and forgiving everything, moment to moment, is a useful skill and a necessary practice as well as a true and present healing art.  Sincere Love and forgiveness brings us harmony, balance, more Love and compassion and fills our human system with Joy!  That Joy touches our lives and the lives of others, as well as the earth in meaningful ways!


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