World View Perspective: Grace is within our very cells

When we think about Grace, it is easy to just think about our Heart, Love or prayers.  Yet, the state of a living Loving Grace also lives in our very cells.  It is at the core of us who we really are within.  It is a Pure Energy that is our Being Self.  As such, we can have a relationship and communicate with the Living Grace within.  Collaborating with our inner state of Grace allows us to feel Grace and heal with Grace. One way to see the effects of an inner relationship with Grace is like having a pond that needs an occasional cleaning.  If we can imagine having a pure white chalk like tablet marked, 'GRACE' that cleanses and purifies water when our ponds become too cloudy, toxic, darkened or soiled.  All we simply have to do is drop in the 'GRACE' tablet and let it work at the right pace to clean out the water until it is clear and fresh again.  See the tablet drop all the way to the bottom and dissolve away all that is no longer needed to refresh the water.  GRACE in our own human system works the same way.  We have to have faith in the existence of Grace before we can establish a relationship with it to begin the process.  Yet, the purity of an inner Grace exists and the Grace can lead us, guide us along our path to remembering who we are and ultimately becoming it.  Accessing our inner Grace is encouraged through meditation, contemplation and sitting quietly out in nature.  Grace is a feeling, an awareness and a living experience.  Grace is our Divine Self and it is literally at the Heart of who we are within.  An inner Joy also expresses itself as Grace.  Joy is a spiritual knowing and, when coupled with Grace, they can transform the human system into a purer state of mind and clarity.  Just like the renewed water in a fresh new pond after the Grace 'tablet'.  An active Grace wants to be awakened within and wants to collaborate with our aspiration to feel and heal so we can truly align with our True Self once again.  Inner Grace has a purpose in our human system and when we are open to it, it will actively, Lovingly collaborate with us, bringing us to an ongoing, conscious state of purifying Grace, restoring our precious balance.


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