World View Perspective: At our core is Grace

Grace is at our very core.  Beneath sadness, fear, confusion, anger and hurt, Grace is present and accessible.  It is an inner strength that we can draw on and consciously utilize to help heal and transform ourselves with actively.  Grace is at the core of our Being; the very Essence of who we are within.  Grace is always surrounding us and present within us.  Grace is clear, loving and a true, living inspiration.  We can not be separate from the Love of Grace that surrounds us.  The strength of Grace pushes out any and all locks and blocks our system may be holding onto unnecessarily.  The state of Grace guides us home because it is our home to be in the state of Grace.  Grace is found at our core.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy communicates with us through Grace.  When we consciously want to heal our system, we can call on the inner Grace to lift off of us what is in the way.  It works in a collaborative fashion to shift and change what is willing to be transformed.  Consequently, Grace continuously aligns us with our True Self when we consciously seek to collaborate with our inner state of Grace.  Call on this inherent and Loving power and allow Grace to continually clear your system of who you aren't so you can consciously become who you really are; let the Grace become you!


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