Wednesday, July 29, 2015

World View Perspective: Grace is within our very cells

When we think about Grace, it is easy to just think about our Heart, Love or prayers.  Yet, the state of a living Loving Grace also lives in our very cells.  It is at the core of us who we really are within.  It is a Pure Energy that is our Being Self.  As such, we can have a relationship and communicate with the Living Grace within.  Collaborating with our inner state of Grace allows us to feel Grace and heal with Grace. One way to see the effects of an inner relationship with Grace is like having a pond that needs an occasional cleaning.  If we can imagine having a pure white chalk like tablet marked, 'GRACE' that cleanses and purifies water when our ponds become too cloudy, toxic, darkened or soiled.  All we simply have to do is drop in the 'GRACE' tablet and let it work at the right pace to clean out the water until it is clear and fresh again.  See the tablet drop all the way to the bottom and dissolve away all that is no longer needed to refresh the water.  GRACE in our own human system works the same way.  We have to have faith in the existence of Grace before we can establish a relationship with it to begin the process.  Yet, the purity of an inner Grace exists and the Grace can lead us, guide us along our path to remembering who we are and ultimately becoming it.  Accessing our inner Grace is encouraged through meditation, contemplation and sitting quietly out in nature.  Grace is a feeling, an awareness and a living experience.  Grace is our Divine Self and it is literally at the Heart of who we are within.  An inner Joy also expresses itself as Grace.  Joy is a spiritual knowing and, when coupled with Grace, they can transform the human system into a purer state of mind and clarity.  Just like the renewed water in a fresh new pond after the Grace 'tablet'.  An active Grace wants to be awakened within and wants to collaborate with our aspiration to feel and heal so we can truly align with our True Self once again.  Inner Grace has a purpose in our human system and when we are open to it, it will actively, Lovingly collaborate with us, bringing us to an ongoing, conscious state of purifying Grace, restoring our precious balance.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

World View Perspective: We are not our disappointments

As much as they continue to hurt us, haunt us, affect us or create and generate negative feelings within us, we are not our collected disappointments.  We are taught to hide our disappointments from others so we won't appear weak or fragile.  We are taught to swallow them not wallow in them.  Yet, if we ignore them over time, they can sink us like a ship.  They can become a whole 'voice' unto themselves that drown us in pain, over and over again.  When our disappointments rise up in us we need to tell them to 'stop' and then consciously 'drop' them.  Treat them like children continuing to 'tattle' on another child.  When they start, just say, 'stop and drop' so the focus and emphasis ends.  There are aspects within us that act like a living sabotaging agent.  The old thoughts and feelings we carry can carry on disturbing and disrupting our true sense of self and our efforts to heal and feel whole again.  Consider them our 'shadow self' that hopes to keep our system from opening to more and more of the true Light we carry.  If these aspects of the past can thwart our conscious attempts to move forward, our old self wins and we become unable to expand our sense of self to become who we really are.  In order to come out of the shadow, we have to know we are not the shadow.  When disappointments threaten to take away your current levels of active, consciousness, stay vigilant with 'stop and drop' until they have no further need to distract you from your higher aspirations.  Forgiving our selves and forgiving others is one of the best ways to release any and all accumulated disappointments.  Disappointments are a heavy load to carry and they literally weigh us down unnecessarily.  They hide in the corner of our emotional memory, as if they are not there, yet they will continue to sneak in on us when we least expect them to.  Just like a parent who knows a young child might sneak out of their bed at night, stop the disappointments in their track and tell them to 'stop and drop', until our system feels more like it's true self.  Saying over and over that we are not our disappointments is another way to show them something stronger than their distractions and collected 'voice' is who we are.  It also lets us know we are not the past, which we are not.  We can also love our disappointments for all they taught us ultimately and tell them the don't need to bother us anymore.  Being clear we are not our disappointments, or anyone else's disappointments, is a step towards a healthier self and a truer self, which is what transformation is all about.  We are our true self . . . and there is nothing disappointing in that!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

World View Perspective: Love and forgiveness can move mountains

When we can sincerely say, "Please help me to forgive it all, love it all and thank you for it all,", miracles can happen.  We are here to learn to discern, grow, keep on developing and to expand our thinking.  What holds us back the most is fear of the past reoccurring and consequently, we hold onto the memory of the past so tightly, we cannot easily or naturally move forward.  We effectively stay stuck in the muck instead of being grateful we are still alive and able to move on.  The past was simply an event, an experience, a point of growth, understanding, perhaps confusion or a disappointment.  Yet, when we actively, consciously love it, forgive it and go beyond it, we change our memory of it and, through gratitude and lessons learned, we continue to move forward in our lives.  Our collected and accrued fear lives on in our mental, emotional and physical planes and it continues to whisper the stored memory of pain to us, as if it is still real and current.  Maybe we were hurt at 5 years old but if we are now 55 and still hurt in that regard, then we have held onto that hurt for 50 years. 

There was a story about two monks, one older and one younger, walking through a forest.  They had both taken vows to not touch women.  They came across a women who had to cross the river but she couldn't on her own.  The younger monk walked right by her as she pleaded with him to help her cross.  The older monk picked her right up and carried her across the river.  As the two monks continued their walk, two hours passed before the younger one stood in front of the older one and demanded he explain why he had touched a woman when they had taken vows not to.  The older monk turned and said, 'I carried her for ten minutes and released her, you have carried her for two hours.'

To move forward from anything that holds us back, we must love it and forgive it or we are held back by it.  Clarity of consciousness and clarity in the context of each moment are key to being more present now.  Now is the only effective time to change or improve anything.  Now is what matters.  Continued thoughts and feelings of Love and forgiveness can and do move mountains because they ease the heaviest of loads.  On our way to attaining greater and greater consciousness and Love and Love of consciousness, loving and forgiving everything, moment to moment, is a useful skill and a necessary practice as well as a true and present healing art.  Sincere Love and forgiveness brings us harmony, balance, more Love and compassion and fills our human system with Joy!  That Joy touches our lives and the lives of others, as well as the earth in meaningful ways!

Friday, July 17, 2015

World View Perspective: At our core is Grace

Grace is at our very core.  Beneath sadness, fear, confusion, anger and hurt, Grace is present and accessible.  It is an inner strength that we can draw on and consciously utilize to help heal and transform ourselves with actively.  Grace is at the core of our Being; the very Essence of who we are within.  Grace is always surrounding us and present within us.  Grace is clear, loving and a true, living inspiration.  We can not be separate from the Love of Grace that surrounds us.  The strength of Grace pushes out any and all locks and blocks our system may be holding onto unnecessarily.  The state of Grace guides us home because it is our home to be in the state of Grace.  Grace is found at our core.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy communicates with us through Grace.  When we consciously want to heal our system, we can call on the inner Grace to lift off of us what is in the way.  It works in a collaborative fashion to shift and change what is willing to be transformed.  Consequently, Grace continuously aligns us with our True Self when we consciously seek to collaborate with our inner state of Grace.  Call on this inherent and Loving power and allow Grace to continually clear your system of who you aren't so you can consciously become who you really are; let the Grace become you!