World View Perspective: We are 'knot' the energies that hold us back

When we access the intelligence found in our High Heart, we realize we are 'knot' the energies that are knotted up inside us.  As we go through the human experience, we hold onto energies that we might not realize or recognize.  It might be they are held in our mind, our physical body, our emotional nature or in our intellect.  Old memories that we mull over and over but which could be released now all can become a 'knot' that prevents us from moving forward.  When we can establish a relationship we can trust with our High Heart, we can learn to discern what is and isn't for us to hold onto to progress.  Maybe it is something from our childhood, maybe a person who we could never resolve any issues with or maybe it is related to efforts we made that failed.  If we don't take or make the chance to clean these things up and out of our day to day life, they can knot up inside our system and keep us stuck.  They can be in our unconscious/subconscious mind or locked in our physical body so we aren't conscious they exist.  By accessing the Love and Compassion in our High Heart, we can ask to see, understand and move to them and through them until we are clear.  Our Heart already understands everything that has happened to us in our lifetime and, through Love and Compassionate Intelligence, our Heart can guide us to healing all the parts to make us consciously whole.  The Force of Love is the most powerful way to consciously work towards being happy, healthy, healed, whole and balanced in this lifetime.  Our High Heart has access to the Force of Love itself and the goal of Pure Love is to unite us with our True Self.  Our True Self is not all the knots that we have been bound up by.  Our True Self sees through all the knots and helps us to untie them by uniting us with the Higher Love and Compassion we have in our own High Heart.  Nothing clears the system better than our High Heart because that is the intelligence that sees through the energies that we aren't.  Our Heart wants us to remember who we are and recognize who we aren't so we can release from that that binds us.  Mainly, the false energies that we aren't; jealousy, envy, greed, anger, fear, attachment, identifications, rage and hate for example.  As we consciously aspire to hear our Heart and listen to it, we will hear how to work through all that binds us to ultimately set us free of the energies we no longer want or need to control us in our lives.  Then Love is what guides us and returns us to that level of consciousness, which brings us into a conscious wholeness, balance and harmony.  Once in that state, there is peace because Love, Compassion and Peace are our True Self's natural state.


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