World View Perspective: Our positive core self

Deep inside our very Being is a core positive self.  It is our inner knowing Self.  It is wise, aware and present.  It knows who we are, why we are here and what we are here to do.  It understands our self on all levels and when we collaborate with it, we can effectively heal all parts of our self.  This core Self is positive and good.  It knows Love and Compassion and it knows we are not separate from the Infinite Love as a universal force.  Our core positive Self wants us to forgive ourselves and each other as well as forgive our past so we become more conscious of now and more conscious of our true aspirations.  As we complete identifying with the past, we move towards a much happier and healthier present, which allows the core Self to come forward.  Our core Self knows Joy because it is in Loving Union now.  The core Self can guide us along our path until we recognize and realize we have never been separate from Love itself.  Our core Self is Truth and when we realize the Truth within us, the falsehood begins to clear.  To be in dialogue with our core Self is to be deeply connected to a living, conscious Love itself.  Get to know your core positive Self and it will guide you to Love itself and through that Love you will know where you are, who you are and why you are here!  Who we really are within is so very beautiful, right into our core!


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