World View Perspective: Our Heart has our best intention

The Love within us always houses our best intention.  Being guided by our mind assists our day to day life in terms of tasks to be done and how best to do them.  Yet, to be at one with who we are and to accept who we truly are, it is our Heart which knows best.  When our true Heart really reaches us, it teaches us to discern what is really for us and what isn't.  We can want something so much to touch us, please us, tease us and move us forward but if it isn't correct for who we are, it is our Heart that can guide us away from what would otherwise distract us.  Our Heart receives and perceives on many levels and layers and it knows what is correct for our further development; both human development and spiritual development.  The difficult part is to hear our Heart and discern what it is trying to tell us.  To understand when we are responding to fear, desire or someone's else's prompting versus our own inner compass that has our true best interest at Heart is the challenge.  To perfect it, often we have to 'test' our own theory.  We can follow the guidance and see where it takes us and when the outcome or result doesn't make sense or work in our favor, then we can discover that it was actually a fear we were responding to, not a pure guidance from our Heart.  Intuition is also a skill and a 'voice' that can lead us to what is also correct for us, even when our mind might disagree.  When we can discern and learn to detect when our Heart is speaking to us, we can increase the 'voice', the guidance and our ability to discern when our best intentions are aligning with the correct direction of our lives.  Trusting our Heart's best intention for us enables our system to become more and more Heart-based, which is a true aspiration for being human.  The more Compassion and Love we can generate and create the more our Heart expands, until it can send Love out into the whole world, adding to the collective vibration of Love itself.  Love is the force that overcomes fear and negativity, which binds us up and doesn't allow us to feel the freedom to Love.  Love as a positive force in the world off sets what contracts the energy all around us.  Put another way, Love expands and sets us free and fear and negativity contract us into bondage.  The personal mind and emotions can limit our perspective and negatively influence our actions, whereas our Heart will ensure the force of Love generates positivity.  It is a positive force of Love itself.  It all starts when we can hear our Heart and give it the time and the 'voice' to speak freely to us to expand the Love we are from within.  It always has our best intention.


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