World View Perspective: Moving on in gratitude

When we can 'let go and Let God' remove the attachments from the past that are not positive or useful and release all our 'knots' from the past we have held onto, we free up our present now moments.  We begin to move forward to what is correct for us next.  When we can fill our Hearts with gratitude that we were given the chance to finish out the old ideas, dreams, wishes, ideals or hopes that didn't materialize, happen or produce results, we make real true progress.  Growth and evolution are necessary on both the human domains as well as the spiritual domains and when we acknowledge that, what we most need for our next steps towards great maturity comes.  Our own willingness is a factor for progress. On a child's playground, there used to be a set of rings or hoops that were all in a row.  You would grab the first one and swing to the next and the next until you got to the end.  If you didn't release the one before it, you wouldn't get to complete the exercise.  Life is similar.  We must have the courage to be present on each 'ring' and yet when finished, be willing to release it in gratitude as we reach for what is next.  When life is seen, received and accepted as a series of lessons and learning, everything and everyone who has entered our life is seen as a necessary part of our life's puzzle, overall portrait and an aspect of our personal tapestry.  They may just be there a moment, a day, a week or a lifetime yet they have made a difference.  Holding gratitude keeps our memories in a state of moving Grace, allowing what is or has been negative to go and move on too.  In a world of Infinite possibilities, there is room for much inner and outer growth, expansion and further experience.  To stay stuck in slow, limited stagnation is not wise or healthy for who we are and all we can become.  To have the open courage and willingness to move forward, we need to open our minds and hearts and let go of what is no longer ours to carry, use or have because it no longer serves us well.  Gratitude and forgiveness for all of who we are, all we have already experienced and all that has impacted our lives allows us to move forward in a positive way. When we carry continuous gratitude in our Hearts, we stay open to each moment and we remain open to Love.  In that way, it is truly Love that guides us on.


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