World View Perspective: Integrating Love into our system

When we feel connected to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies through our High Heart, and we become stable in that experience, that Love begins to integrate throughout our system.  Aspects of our self and our system let go of old, stuck energy and fill with a new inner sense of Love, Compassion and Understanding.  Forgiveness becomes a natural way of life and positive energy guides our day and our way with fresh, new energy moving us forward.  Whatever happened before has been released off of us and off of others, whether they are conscious of it or not.  Any sense of negative bondage is gone, just like a rope holding back a hot air balloon.  Pulled tight, it keeps the balloon grounded and still.  Once released, there is a snap and the balloon naturally rises.  Old experiences that are unresolved, not solved can be resolved through the force of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.  Love is our natural, true energy and through living out a lifetime, we can get distracted, become fearful, remain closed and unconscious and forget our true nature.  If our mind or heart closes down, we can retreat into silence or barricade our selves from life.  Yet, with conscious effort, dedication and true aspiration, we can free ourselves of the past attachments to negative self images, negative thoughts or feelings like feelings of anger, resentment, fear or sadness and 'rise again' into the joy of Loving and Living that Love.  Feeling lighter and brighter brings in greater joy, fun and spontaneity, which enhances our positive sense of self and greater health.  If the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy can Love and accept us, then we can return that Love and learn to accept ourselves too.  Then we are in inner union and harmony and no one can take that from us.  Love is the answer to any question and trusting that Love with each breath ensures the greater and greater focus on the 'now' moment, which is the only time to heal and feel.  It is an ongoing effort to stay conscious and aware of feeling the Love, harmony and inner, outer balance yet it is well worth the focus and courage it takes.  Feel the Love and have faith in the process of positive transformational change.  Love is the force of transformation so collaborate with Love and allow it to integrate into your system.  Allow yourself to heal and to feel through Love itself.  Allow it to change your life.


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