World View Perspective: Forgiving the past, leads us to current day

Forgiveness holds the key for releasing us from the bondages of the past.  We can only do what we think must be done at any time in our life.  We do the best we can, given our circumstances with the only consciousness we have at the time.  The more we sincerely offer to forgive our self and all others and offer that all others forgive us, and we are thankful for all the lessons learned, the more we will sincerely feel that release from the past.  The more we are free from the past, the more likely we are to live more presently aware of all the beauty of life that is around us and surrounds us.  The more conscious we become of how powerful Love and Compassion are within.  Love and Compassion come and grow as we go to and through our growth processes and come out stronger and with more clarity.  The more Love we consciously carry, the more we share with those around us.  When we have surrendered the past and can embrace the 'now' moments with fresh perspectives, with Love and sincere gratitude, we find our Loving balance with our self, too.  Becoming peaceful and accepting of one's self is quite an achievement in a lifetime because that will generate more peace and love that can transmit to others.  We can become beacons of Love by living in the present, now, because Love lives within us presently.  To go past our angry minds, our disturbed feelings and our past old self images to 'let go and Let God' have the past confusion we experienced, allows us to fill with a much higher vibration and energy.  This practiced higher energy will bring us more and more into the conscious current day.  Everything is energy and when we free up old energy from the past, more space is created for new energy.  When we aspire for that new energy to be more Love and Compassion, we are bringing our human system into a happier and healthier new consciousness and our awareness can be more focused on the 'now' moment.  When we are present with Love, we can change our self and the world.


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