World View Perspective: Entering fear to transform it into Light

The appearance of fear usually leads us to dance around it or avoid it at all cost.  Yet when our fear is seen as an opportunity to move something forward, we can do so by entering it to transform it into Light.  Simply put, we can do so by Loving it.  Love is the transforming force and nothing, no thing, can resist it.  When coming across something that one fears, like a snake, if one takes a few moments to Love it, the snake will feel it.  When we respect the snake through Love and allow it to Lovingly pass by, the snake will pass by unharmed and unafraid.  Love opens us up to miraculous and healing energy.  Fear contracts us and Love expands us.  Love allows more Love to come.  In each moment, we can inhale and exhale Love and shift our feelings and life to a life filled with more Love.  It takes being conscious in each moment that we are Loving.  Compassion also comes once we have transformed and transmuted a fear into Light.  When we see that fear in others, it is because we have realized it first in ourselves.  As we learn to let it go and Let God, we guide others to do the same.  The trapped fears can be from childhood, an earlier trauma, memories of other lifetimes, something we have been told over time or from a strong impact someone else has had on our lives.  The fears can simply be stuffed into our minds or bodies somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to be released.  Aspiring to know, understand and carry more conscious Light in order to transform and transmute fear takes a strong heart, courage and a dedication to Love.  Love as a force will collaborate with our system to expose the fears and bring them to Light.  It will show us the way forward, once we understand why our old fears must go so their space can be filled with more Light.  It is an ongoing process of shifting and changing until all the old stuck spots are gone.  We must have Faith that we can collaborate with Source in ways that allow our system to grow in Light and Love.  This is the Highest aim of Being a human being.  To continue transforming and transmuting what we aren't into who we are from within.  It is the Force of Love and Compassion that guides this principle.  We can surrender our fears to Love and Light and watch them Lovingly disappear!


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