World View Perspective: Calming the mind and emotions through Love

Our High Heart understand that Love is the highest force we carry.  Our High Heart has it's own intelligence in the human system.  It is like the proverbial 'Big Sister' or 'Mother' in the system.  It Love us, no matter what.  It can even tell us if we have an angry mind or an upset emotional reaction.  It can remind us that living in the past, keeps us stuck there.  It can flag us when we are dwelling on a negative thought/feeling or reaction.  When we can hear the 'voice' in our Heart, we can use that voice wisely and have it calm the mind and our emotions through Love and Compassion.  Just like the mother of a young child.  The calm, compassionate voice of the mother understands when the child has been hurt or negatively effected.  The mother soothes, reassures, offers compassion and understanding to the child when something has occurred that impacts the child.  Our High Heart is the same with us.  When we truly hear our Heart, it can navigate our life in miraculous ways.  When we experience the Love in our Heart, we are able to receive it and perceive it throughout our human system.  It brings us to peace, surrender and self-acceptance.  It is the strongest force we carry.  The Love in our High Heart brings peace to the system by reminding us we aren't our anger, hate, fear, negative feelings or the past.  It reminds us who we are in the present moment, which is Love.  When the anger in the mind or emotional disturbances are running our system, the High Heart quiets the imbalances and brings us into a peaceful current moment.  It simply says' I am not that'.  So when the mind and emotions are calm, the Heart remains and it remains the strength within us in the current moment.  Each time we are present with that, we feel Love and Compassion because now, nothing is out of harmony within.  It takes aspiration and daily practice to begin to hear the Heart in earnest.  Take time to sit with your Heart every day and listen.  See what Loving guidance is there.  The force of Love is within.


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