Tuesday, June 30, 2015

World View Perspective: Our positive core self

Deep inside our very Being is a core positive self.  It is our inner knowing Self.  It is wise, aware and present.  It knows who we are, why we are here and what we are here to do.  It understands our self on all levels and when we collaborate with it, we can effectively heal all parts of our self.  This core Self is positive and good.  It knows Love and Compassion and it knows we are not separate from the Infinite Love as a universal force.  Our core positive Self wants us to forgive ourselves and each other as well as forgive our past so we become more conscious of now and more conscious of our true aspirations.  As we complete identifying with the past, we move towards a much happier and healthier present, which allows the core Self to come forward.  Our core Self knows Joy because it is in Loving Union now.  The core Self can guide us along our path until we recognize and realize we have never been separate from Love itself.  Our core Self is Truth and when we realize the Truth within us, the falsehood begins to clear.  To be in dialogue with our core Self is to be deeply connected to a living, conscious Love itself.  Get to know your core positive Self and it will guide you to Love itself and through that Love you will know where you are, who you are and why you are here!  Who we really are within is so very beautiful, right into our core!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

World View Perspective: Moving on in gratitude

When we can 'let go and Let God' remove the attachments from the past that are not positive or useful and release all our 'knots' from the past we have held onto, we free up our present now moments.  We begin to move forward to what is correct for us next.  When we can fill our Hearts with gratitude that we were given the chance to finish out the old ideas, dreams, wishes, ideals or hopes that didn't materialize, happen or produce results, we make real true progress.  Growth and evolution are necessary on both the human domains as well as the spiritual domains and when we acknowledge that, what we most need for our next steps towards great maturity comes.  Our own willingness is a factor for progress. On a child's playground, there used to be a set of rings or hoops that were all in a row.  You would grab the first one and swing to the next and the next until you got to the end.  If you didn't release the one before it, you wouldn't get to complete the exercise.  Life is similar.  We must have the courage to be present on each 'ring' and yet when finished, be willing to release it in gratitude as we reach for what is next.  When life is seen, received and accepted as a series of lessons and learning, everything and everyone who has entered our life is seen as a necessary part of our life's puzzle, overall portrait and an aspect of our personal tapestry.  They may just be there a moment, a day, a week or a lifetime yet they have made a difference.  Holding gratitude keeps our memories in a state of moving Grace, allowing what is or has been negative to go and move on too.  In a world of Infinite possibilities, there is room for much inner and outer growth, expansion and further experience.  To stay stuck in slow, limited stagnation is not wise or healthy for who we are and all we can become.  To have the open courage and willingness to move forward, we need to open our minds and hearts and let go of what is no longer ours to carry, use or have because it no longer serves us well.  Gratitude and forgiveness for all of who we are, all we have already experienced and all that has impacted our lives allows us to move forward in a positive way. When we carry continuous gratitude in our Hearts, we stay open to each moment and we remain open to Love.  In that way, it is truly Love that guides us on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

World View Perspective: Integrating Love into our system

When we feel connected to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies through our High Heart, and we become stable in that experience, that Love begins to integrate throughout our system.  Aspects of our self and our system let go of old, stuck energy and fill with a new inner sense of Love, Compassion and Understanding.  Forgiveness becomes a natural way of life and positive energy guides our day and our way with fresh, new energy moving us forward.  Whatever happened before has been released off of us and off of others, whether they are conscious of it or not.  Any sense of negative bondage is gone, just like a rope holding back a hot air balloon.  Pulled tight, it keeps the balloon grounded and still.  Once released, there is a snap and the balloon naturally rises.  Old experiences that are unresolved, not solved can be resolved through the force of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.  Love is our natural, true energy and through living out a lifetime, we can get distracted, become fearful, remain closed and unconscious and forget our true nature.  If our mind or heart closes down, we can retreat into silence or barricade our selves from life.  Yet, with conscious effort, dedication and true aspiration, we can free ourselves of the past attachments to negative self images, negative thoughts or feelings like feelings of anger, resentment, fear or sadness and 'rise again' into the joy of Loving and Living that Love.  Feeling lighter and brighter brings in greater joy, fun and spontaneity, which enhances our positive sense of self and greater health.  If the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy can Love and accept us, then we can return that Love and learn to accept ourselves too.  Then we are in inner union and harmony and no one can take that from us.  Love is the answer to any question and trusting that Love with each breath ensures the greater and greater focus on the 'now' moment, which is the only time to heal and feel.  It is an ongoing effort to stay conscious and aware of feeling the Love, harmony and inner, outer balance yet it is well worth the focus and courage it takes.  Feel the Love and have faith in the process of positive transformational change.  Love is the force of transformation so collaborate with Love and allow it to integrate into your system.  Allow yourself to heal and to feel through Love itself.  Allow it to change your life.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

World View Perspective: The mechanism of the Heart

The Heart understands Love and Compassion as a working, collaborative, functioning and dynamic aspect of healing and positive health.  The Heart is like a protective big sister or mother, who watches over the angry ego-mind, the disturbed emotional body and the out of balance psychological self.  The Truth in the Heart can teach the rest of the human system to let down it's defenses and find inner peace.  The ego-mind, emotional body and psychological self are not as grown up or as mature as the intelligence in the Heart.  So when the Heart speaks to the under-developed aspects of the self, they have to behave because of the structure of the hierarchy.  Our High Heart is what connects us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  So when we aspire to reach our highest good, we continue to seek and find our High Heart.  Once we can hear our High Heart speak to us, we can begin to feel and heal what has been out of balance in our system and, through collaboration with the Force of Love itself, we can heal it.  It is like flooding an old stagnant, toxic, stale pond with fresh, pure and conscious Light, Love and Goodness, any part of the water that is not able to reflect and keep the new vibration must clear out.  The same principle works in our human system through the mechanism in the Heart.  The Love in our High Heart is the purest form of Love we carry and when we are in active, Loving collaboration with it, it flushes our system with Love, Compassion and Understanding.  Consequently, this fresh energy takes us to a happier, healthier life of wholeness, balance and harmony, which naturally aligns us more and more with the Heart itself.  The true mechanism of the Heart is to guide us home to our True Self found in the High Heart and to be in Union with that Pure Love and Compassion, where we know without a shadow of a doubt, we are not separate from Love itself.

Friday, June 12, 2015

World View Perspective: Entering fear to transform it into Light

The appearance of fear usually leads us to dance around it or avoid it at all cost.  Yet when our fear is seen as an opportunity to move something forward, we can do so by entering it to transform it into Light.  Simply put, we can do so by Loving it.  Love is the transforming force and nothing, no thing, can resist it.  When coming across something that one fears, like a snake, if one takes a few moments to Love it, the snake will feel it.  When we respect the snake through Love and allow it to Lovingly pass by, the snake will pass by unharmed and unafraid.  Love opens us up to miraculous and healing energy.  Fear contracts us and Love expands us.  Love allows more Love to come.  In each moment, we can inhale and exhale Love and shift our feelings and life to a life filled with more Love.  It takes being conscious in each moment that we are Loving.  Compassion also comes once we have transformed and transmuted a fear into Light.  When we see that fear in others, it is because we have realized it first in ourselves.  As we learn to let it go and Let God, we guide others to do the same.  The trapped fears can be from childhood, an earlier trauma, memories of other lifetimes, something we have been told over time or from a strong impact someone else has had on our lives.  The fears can simply be stuffed into our minds or bodies somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to be released.  Aspiring to know, understand and carry more conscious Light in order to transform and transmute fear takes a strong heart, courage and a dedication to Love.  Love as a force will collaborate with our system to expose the fears and bring them to Light.  It will show us the way forward, once we understand why our old fears must go so their space can be filled with more Light.  It is an ongoing process of shifting and changing until all the old stuck spots are gone.  We must have Faith that we can collaborate with Source in ways that allow our system to grow in Light and Love.  This is the Highest aim of Being a human being.  To continue transforming and transmuting what we aren't into who we are from within.  It is the Force of Love and Compassion that guides this principle.  We can surrender our fears to Love and Light and watch them Lovingly disappear!

Monday, June 8, 2015

World View Perspective: We are 'knot' the energies that hold us back

When we access the intelligence found in our High Heart, we realize we are 'knot' the energies that are knotted up inside us.  As we go through the human experience, we hold onto energies that we might not realize or recognize.  It might be they are held in our mind, our physical body, our emotional nature or in our intellect.  Old memories that we mull over and over but which could be released now all can become a 'knot' that prevents us from moving forward.  When we can establish a relationship we can trust with our High Heart, we can learn to discern what is and isn't for us to hold onto to progress.  Maybe it is something from our childhood, maybe a person who we could never resolve any issues with or maybe it is related to efforts we made that failed.  If we don't take or make the chance to clean these things up and out of our day to day life, they can knot up inside our system and keep us stuck.  They can be in our unconscious/subconscious mind or locked in our physical body so we aren't conscious they exist.  By accessing the Love and Compassion in our High Heart, we can ask to see, understand and move to them and through them until we are clear.  Our Heart already understands everything that has happened to us in our lifetime and, through Love and Compassionate Intelligence, our Heart can guide us to healing all the parts to make us consciously whole.  The Force of Love is the most powerful way to consciously work towards being happy, healthy, healed, whole and balanced in this lifetime.  Our High Heart has access to the Force of Love itself and the goal of Pure Love is to unite us with our True Self.  Our True Self is not all the knots that we have been bound up by.  Our True Self sees through all the knots and helps us to untie them by uniting us with the Higher Love and Compassion we have in our own High Heart.  Nothing clears the system better than our High Heart because that is the intelligence that sees through the energies that we aren't.  Our Heart wants us to remember who we are and recognize who we aren't so we can release from that that binds us.  Mainly, the false energies that we aren't; jealousy, envy, greed, anger, fear, attachment, identifications, rage and hate for example.  As we consciously aspire to hear our Heart and listen to it, we will hear how to work through all that binds us to ultimately set us free of the energies we no longer want or need to control us in our lives.  Then Love is what guides us and returns us to that level of consciousness, which brings us into a conscious wholeness, balance and harmony.  Once in that state, there is peace because Love, Compassion and Peace are our True Self's natural state.

Friday, June 5, 2015

World View Perspective: Our Heart has our best intention

The Love within us always houses our best intention.  Being guided by our mind assists our day to day life in terms of tasks to be done and how best to do them.  Yet, to be at one with who we are and to accept who we truly are, it is our Heart which knows best.  When our true Heart really reaches us, it teaches us to discern what is really for us and what isn't.  We can want something so much to touch us, please us, tease us and move us forward but if it isn't correct for who we are, it is our Heart that can guide us away from what would otherwise distract us.  Our Heart receives and perceives on many levels and layers and it knows what is correct for our further development; both human development and spiritual development.  The difficult part is to hear our Heart and discern what it is trying to tell us.  To understand when we are responding to fear, desire or someone's else's prompting versus our own inner compass that has our true best interest at Heart is the challenge.  To perfect it, often we have to 'test' our own theory.  We can follow the guidance and see where it takes us and when the outcome or result doesn't make sense or work in our favor, then we can discover that it was actually a fear we were responding to, not a pure guidance from our Heart.  Intuition is also a skill and a 'voice' that can lead us to what is also correct for us, even when our mind might disagree.  When we can discern and learn to detect when our Heart is speaking to us, we can increase the 'voice', the guidance and our ability to discern when our best intentions are aligning with the correct direction of our lives.  Trusting our Heart's best intention for us enables our system to become more and more Heart-based, which is a true aspiration for being human.  The more Compassion and Love we can generate and create the more our Heart expands, until it can send Love out into the whole world, adding to the collective vibration of Love itself.  Love is the force that overcomes fear and negativity, which binds us up and doesn't allow us to feel the freedom to Love.  Love as a positive force in the world off sets what contracts the energy all around us.  Put another way, Love expands and sets us free and fear and negativity contract us into bondage.  The personal mind and emotions can limit our perspective and negatively influence our actions, whereas our Heart will ensure the force of Love generates positivity.  It is a positive force of Love itself.  It all starts when we can hear our Heart and give it the time and the 'voice' to speak freely to us to expand the Love we are from within.  It always has our best intention.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

World View Perspective: Calming the mind and emotions through Love

Our High Heart understand that Love is the highest force we carry.  Our High Heart has it's own intelligence in the human system.  It is like the proverbial 'Big Sister' or 'Mother' in the system.  It Love us, no matter what.  It can even tell us if we have an angry mind or an upset emotional reaction.  It can remind us that living in the past, keeps us stuck there.  It can flag us when we are dwelling on a negative thought/feeling or reaction.  When we can hear the 'voice' in our Heart, we can use that voice wisely and have it calm the mind and our emotions through Love and Compassion.  Just like the mother of a young child.  The calm, compassionate voice of the mother understands when the child has been hurt or negatively effected.  The mother soothes, reassures, offers compassion and understanding to the child when something has occurred that impacts the child.  Our High Heart is the same with us.  When we truly hear our Heart, it can navigate our life in miraculous ways.  When we experience the Love in our Heart, we are able to receive it and perceive it throughout our human system.  It brings us to peace, surrender and self-acceptance.  It is the strongest force we carry.  The Love in our High Heart brings peace to the system by reminding us we aren't our anger, hate, fear, negative feelings or the past.  It reminds us who we are in the present moment, which is Love.  When the anger in the mind or emotional disturbances are running our system, the High Heart quiets the imbalances and brings us into a peaceful current moment.  It simply says' I am not that'.  So when the mind and emotions are calm, the Heart remains and it remains the strength within us in the current moment.  Each time we are present with that, we feel Love and Compassion because now, nothing is out of harmony within.  It takes aspiration and daily practice to begin to hear the Heart in earnest.  Take time to sit with your Heart every day and listen.  See what Loving guidance is there.  The force of Love is within.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

World View Perspective: Forgiving the past, leads us to current day

Forgiveness holds the key for releasing us from the bondages of the past.  We can only do what we think must be done at any time in our life.  We do the best we can, given our circumstances with the only consciousness we have at the time.  The more we sincerely offer to forgive our self and all others and offer that all others forgive us, and we are thankful for all the lessons learned, the more we will sincerely feel that release from the past.  The more we are free from the past, the more likely we are to live more presently aware of all the beauty of life that is around us and surrounds us.  The more conscious we become of how powerful Love and Compassion are within.  Love and Compassion come and grow as we go to and through our growth processes and come out stronger and with more clarity.  The more Love we consciously carry, the more we share with those around us.  When we have surrendered the past and can embrace the 'now' moments with fresh perspectives, with Love and sincere gratitude, we find our Loving balance with our self, too.  Becoming peaceful and accepting of one's self is quite an achievement in a lifetime because that will generate more peace and love that can transmit to others.  We can become beacons of Love by living in the present, now, because Love lives within us presently.  To go past our angry minds, our disturbed feelings and our past old self images to 'let go and Let God' have the past confusion we experienced, allows us to fill with a much higher vibration and energy.  This practiced higher energy will bring us more and more into the conscious current day.  Everything is energy and when we free up old energy from the past, more space is created for new energy.  When we aspire for that new energy to be more Love and Compassion, we are bringing our human system into a happier and healthier new consciousness and our awareness can be more focused on the 'now' moment.  When we are present with Love, we can change our self and the world.