World View Perspective: When our true self forgives our false self

When we hold onto old, stuck energy, we can forget it isn't who we are.  That old pattern and vibration can stay in place and have a negative impact for a long, long time.  With our highest intention and our true aspirations, we can access a higher element to our nature that allows us to actively, truthfully forgive ourselves at our deepest level and layer.  Whatever is most disturbing to us can be Lovingly, actively forgiven and consequently released when we truly aspire to do so.  If we have been made to feel badly about something over the course of our lifetime, we can open our highest heart and, through forgiveness, let it go.  Forgiving all people who have been in our lives or who are still in our lives, frees the energy that was created and can remain if we are not diligent in cleaning it off.  When our truest self Loves and forgives all we have done or held onto, that energy begins to shift and change and it frees us to move forward in positive ways as well as enabling people to do the same.  Forgiveness completely sets us free and reminds to live in the present.  A constant state of forgiveness allows the past imbalances to go and fresh new beginnings to come forward.  We can forgive ourselves and in so doing, we can release the old parts of us and feel a greater true self emerging.  The emerging true self connects us to a greater union with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, which is our highest goal in our lifetime.  Let your true self forgive your false self and set free the old stuck energy from the past.  Feel that new Love and expansion of your true self.  Allow it to grow in new ways and feel that freedom to be ourselves.


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