World View Perspective: We are not our system's trauma

No matter our age or stage of life, we can have moments when we feel our system's traumas, struggles and strife is who we are and therefore we react as if that is true.  It isn't really us who is reacting, it is our wounded self instead.  Like a naughty child, it must have it's voice and behavior.  It is pulling for the attention of others or wanting their sympathy, empathy or compassion.  When we look deeper within our own highest Heart, and accept there is an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy within us, we realize through Love and Compassion, those physical, emotional, psychological traumas can be lifted off of us.  When some people have a disease in their system, they call it 'theirs'. They effectively own it. They effectively, energetically can make it become a part of themselves.  Then it is themselves who is living with that disease or illness.  Yet, if we realize that we are the energy and Love within our own Heart and Soul, that makes us a living Self, we also realize we can surrender our 'traumas' locked in our system to that greater energy around and within us.  The saying 'let go and Let God' is what this is referring to.  Instead of humanly 'owning' it, we can sincerely try to realize it is an experience in the system and one we can learn from and consciously let go of.  In doing so, we are trusting the Higher Heart of our True Self to help release it and fill it with Love, Light and Truth instead.  Our human mind, body and emotions hold onto many things, whether they are needed, necessary or real anymore at all.  We just don't stay conscious of what we are doing or holding onto so it all feels real to us.  To 'untie from the past and unite with the now moment', we begin to embrace this concept.  To say over and over, 'I am not my system's trauma, I am the energy that heals it', sends a different vibration through to our core and allows for a healing of the trauma. An offering up of the old, stuck energy that has clung too tightly to the past negative memories is what sets it free.  The Pure Love and Energy of the Infinite Being can heal our system's traumas as long as we are willing to offer the trauma up and let it go.  The Infinite Being aspires to connect with us and work as a healthy, positive collaborator in our human system to affect positive change for transformational purposes.  When we trust that positive exchange, it begins to be active in our system, which starts the healing process. With conscious practice, it aids in our ultimate wholeness, balance and inner harmony.


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