World View Perspective: Understanding beyond the mind

When we choose to meditate, contemplate or sit in silence, quieting our mind, we are choosing to go beyond our thinking ego mind.  If we are too identified with our mind, this can sound like a frightening prospect.  The mind would like us to think it is a frightening concept because then we won't do it.  However, what the mind won't tell us is that it has many, many ways to distract.  One of the favorites is to keep us living in the past and the other is worrying about and projecting into the future.  When we allow our mind to take us to either the past or the future, we are not conscious of the current now moment, which, in truth, is the only place where we actually are present.  Positive change happens in the present moment.  It happens in the now because only the 'now' exists.  Being conscious of the now, keeps our focus here and then releasing the mind's distractions becomes easier.  It has been said, that when we sit silently, we can actually see our thoughts coming and going like waves on the ocean.  We are aware of the passing thoughts and when we don't attach to them as real, they will continue passing through.  The High Heart and the soul/Soul in the human system are presently aware within us and accessible when we aspire to know that level of awareness. We have to consciously aspire to make and take the time to seek the higher understanding and find a spiritual practice that works best for our self.  There are many books, spiritual teachers, gurus, healers and courses/classes that can assist one to advance on the spiritual path to enhance that deeper knowledge and understanding.  To sit quietly with a candle and just concentrate on our breathing is another way to begin the process of quieting our mind's endless array of passing thoughts.  To become aware of the consciousness in our High Heart and soul/Soul broadens out our perspective and allows us the expanded understanding of the pure nature of things.  The goal of each lifetime is for the unconscious in us to become conscious.  Becoming conscious of who we are and what actions we are taking as we enhance that attained consciousness carries us forward on a greater path of realization; becoming aware the light exists, seeing the light, being the light, ultimately sharing the light, as a very basic description.  First step in this process and, throughout this process, is the ability to go beyond the mind and learning to silence it's chatter and constant commentary as we become conscious of the present moment.


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