World View Perspective: Standing outside the structure

Structured formality has been in place a long, long time.  Monarchs, political structures, cultures, civilizations, nations, kingdoms, religions and families can agree to the rules and live by them.  It keeps people and places in tight order with predictable outcomes in place.  The imposed formal structures can stand the test of time, generation after generation.  Yet, by their very structure, it can also keep us from realizing our True sense of Self.  When we consider the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies as the guiding force of the creation, and we realize we are not separate from that union through the Heart, we realize we are not feeling as connected with who we are as we could be in truth.  In truth, when we only think or feel as if we are the limited structured self that aligns with 'structured formality', we block our own spiritual progress.  We are not buildings, bridges, formations or stuck forms, we are human beings who feel, shift and change and can explore our thinking and feeling base through growth, expansion and Love.  We can access other aspects of our self and realize a greater view of our world and those who surround us.  We can access a greater sense of peace, harmony and healing through our expanded sense of self.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy stands outside the structure as a vibration of Truth, Love, Grace and Peace and yet we are not separate from that Being.  To feel the beauty of that Truth, we need to open our Highest Heart and remember who we are.  We need to realize we are not limited to the 'structured formality' itself.  We can go beyond it, realizing it represents a way to think, to function and to apply action but it is also a limited view of who we truly are inside.  Our true connection to a greater truth lies outside the structured formality of life.  Standing outside the creation enables us to feel a deeper union with a greater vision of why we are here and what we have come here to do.  In order to ground our self, it may be useful to think along structured lines, especially when moving within a structured group of people with a similar purpose.  Yet, to go beyond the formality of structured thought, we must be willing to stand outside the creation to feel the Union with the Infinite.  When one realizes that, our expanded intelligence grows and we see and understand that limitation itself is an illusion.  The courage to stand outside the creation, allows us, invites us to remember Love, Truth and Grace, it reminds us who we are. 


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