World View Perspective: Revitalizing our emotional nature

The sensitivities in our human nature can make life experience's painful for a long, long time.  So much happens over a life time to our emotional nature.  If we see it like a pond with fluidity and true feelings, we see how necessary it becomes to protect it.  It is a vulnerable aspect of our self that can be affected and infected as well as effected by a myriad of things from a variety of sources.  We can also store a huge amount of hurt within our emotional nature and not understand why we don't feel any better, no matter how our life improves.  What we cling to emotionally may have happened a long time ago but it still effects us today or perhaps makes us sick or we maybe we have felt ill for a long time without realizing why.  Again, if we see it like a dense pool of liquid that can become toxic, clouded, confused or infused with too much negativity from the past, it can become more and more toxic without our conscious awareness.  The courage and willingness to look more deeply into what lurks there and begin to free it through forgiveness, love and being conscious of the current moment we actually live in, allows this built up toxicity to be released.  Where can it go?  We can offer it up to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy in the form of gratitude.  Gratitude for all the lessons we have learned, all the 'teachers' who came into our life to reach us and teach us and gratitude that we survived all the way to now.  We can say through prayer, meditation and contemplation that we have carried it all long enough and we are ready to offer it up and out for our continued greater good.  We can forgive our self and all others who affected us in negative ways.  The more we forgive and have gratitude for the past, the more we can transform it, especially in our systems.  We can feel the release of the negativity and the letting go of weightiness after carrying it for so long.  With the old stuck feelings released, we will feel lighter, brighter and happier, which will revitalize our emotional nature and self.  We will become more conscious of what makes us truly happier, healthier, more joyful and more grateful to be alive.  We will also realize how important it is to stay within our boundaries when we are around negative and toxic people so we prevent any further emotional taint that is not ours from affecting our system.  When we can shine a light through our emotional nature to our selves and others, we begin to feel like our true self again and assist others to do the same.  There is a new freedom to love freely again.


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