World View Perspective: Opening our system to Light

With true aspiration, when we consciously open our system to Light,  we welcome in the collaborative force of Love.  The Highest Love we can imagine becomes a force of positive collaboration and with that Highest Love, we can heal any and all of our human aspects.  Think of it like entering a mansion with many rooms that perhaps have been previously torn up or neglected.  Nothing is in a positive, healthy, current order so now, by adding conscious Light into it and a willingness to open to change, new efforts can be made to transform it.  We are the same as the mansion.  We can be renovated, made new, rejuvenated and renewed with the Force of Love itself.  In our Highest Heart, we can truly welcome Love and Compassion into our life to Lovingly work to clear out the old and restore our own vitality.  It take tremendous Faith and true aspiration to move our self forward into a more harmonious state of Love, Compassion and fulfillment.  Forgiveness as a way of thinking and feeling also helps in this process.  When we completely forgive our self and all others, and ask that all others forgive us, we set free the past bondage and allow a much more positive exchange with others.  We send out the positive energy and intention needed to change the old vibration.  The more Light we consciously carry, the more Light we can transmit to others.  We have to trust what is revealed to us in the process of the collaborative relationship.  What we might think we have cleared in the past, might come up again and again until it is clear and we know we are now free of it.  It is like taking a flashlight into the darkened rooms of the mansion, willing and determined to see anything that needs removing, changing and transforming and working consciously to clear it until the room is filled with Light.  Stuck and stagnant energy that is no longer needed or necessary needs to get released before we can openly move forward.  When we sincerely, consciously, actively ask to see what is stuck and how to clear it, the way forward can and will show itself.  Then what has been negative or resistant in our system transforms into positivity and a willingness to move on.  Our human mind, body and emotions can keep us from progress because they may be all we are identified with as our self.  Yet, we are truly more than that and when we realize who we really are, we learn how to clean and clear our system with the Highest Light within.  When we are conscious of that Light, we realize that is the Love that heals us.


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