World View Perspective: Letting go of what we are holding onto

Our unconscious/subconscious self has desires that it has held onto for a long, long time.  They may be very old wants and desires and not belong to current day at all.  They may be part of our history, our programming, our past life longings, goals our parents had for us or even another dream from someone else.  Yet, if any part of our system is holding onto these deep desires for itself, sometimes, we simply must let go.  Just like a child who has taken ahold of something that is not good for it.  It might want the little kitten it found but if the small cat belongs to a neighbor, the parent needs to explain to the child that the animal actually belongs elsewhere.  The child might yell, scream, fuss or pout but ultimately, they must release it.  Dreams, hopes, wishes and aspirations can become quite lofty and desires for them can become quite strong yet, not all of them are meant to actually happen in our lifetime.  If they are dreams or aspects of our imaginations, not meant to manifest for us, then through a process of self-acknowledgment, we can own them and release them for our own greater good.  For example, if we had two older siblings, who both went to medical school and became doctors, and we set that goal for our self, too, we may not get there if it is incorrect.  Maybe our destiny is to be an engineer instead.  In that case, we might have put our self through many hardships and difficulties working towards an end result that wasn't for us to begin with, regardless of how much effort we put into it.  At some point, we have to recognize this faulty thinking and let it go, no matter the pain in the actual release process or how long we held onto it.  After, we consciously, actively release it, then our correct path can reveal itself as we move towards it and with it because it is for us.  Asking our consciousness to reveal old, outmoded ideas, dreams or even fantasies that are not correct for us so we can move towards what is correct is a good practice.  It enlightens our system and wakes us up to a new, fresh perspective and truer path forward.  When we release what we have held onto through gratitude and understanding, we are willing to take the next step as it reveals itself.  Our true path is about finding what is correct for us and moving forward as we let the past ideas go.  Old self images must be released for the new growth to show itself and carry us towards our higher goals.


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