World View Perspective: Conscious Light enters unconscious density

What is unconscious must come to light.  It is the way of things and the way of balance.  Evolution is an important aspect of life and once we embrace the force of Source in a collaborative way, the Light of consciousness will continue to penetrate into the darkness.  The intention is to purify and shift and change the resistance.  This is the way of enlightened evolution.  What is closed, in fear, clinging to the past or resisting growth and change, must be given opportunities to open, blossom and expand.  In that way, evolution is assured and further growth allowed, invited and encouraged.  When we consciously seek to grow past the past and embrace what is next with true aspiration and positive intention, Source collaborates with our system to work towards that intention.  It may not match our expectations but it will end up correct to ensure further soul growth and overall understanding.  Becoming more and more conscious is always a gift, despite how it might look at the onset.  Trusting the collaboration with Source through our highest aspiration will continue to present us with our own opportunities to evolve.


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