World View Perspective: Accepting our higher guidance

If we trust the quiet inner guidance we receive through our Heart, we are guided to and through processes that take us to our True Self.  The True Self that we really are.  We wear many disguises to get through our lifetime and all the relationships and life experience we encounter.  These disguises can be heavy, hard, fleeting, promising, worrisome or a disaster if that is what we are here to go through.  Yet as we complete the various dramas and traumas or wonderful uplifting moments, time periods and ongoing pleasures of life, we are also given the choice to surrender what we are finishing in order to continue on and grow.  It is like cleaning out our closets.  No matter how attached, identified or reactive we are to an old piece of clothing, when it is time to release it, we must let it go.  It has served it's purpose and it must move on as should we.  It is easier with clothing than it is with feelings, thoughts and relationships.  In order to grow, we have many abilities we can learn to develop throughout our lifetime and just like human abilities, we can also aspire to develop who we are spiritually too.  To aspire to know the truth, to aspire to know who we are and what we are capable of means we need to be willing to open and accept there is a higher guidance to our lives.  As humans we may seek to be in control but to take time every day to hear and receive higher guidance is a worthwhile time to spend with yourself.  It is in the quiet, inner moments with our aspiring self that we can begin to hear the voice and inner guidance of our higher wisdom and knowledge.  Our Heart is very wise and it is Love and Compassion.  It helps us have and develop a higher perspective, which ultimately brings us peace, understanding and acceptance of our self and our life.  It is a gift that continues to give, guiding us ever onward to the true knowledge of the Heart, which is Love.  When we seek to actively, consciously Love our self completely and forgive our self completely, we begin to value our own sincere inner guidance too.  We are more than our limited physical self.  It is through our True Self in the Heart that we understand the bigger picture and it begins by accepting our higher guidance and it is through our higher guidance, we can get there.


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