Saturday, May 30, 2015

World View Perspective: Opening our system to Light

With true aspiration, when we consciously open our system to Light,  we welcome in the collaborative force of Love.  The Highest Love we can imagine becomes a force of positive collaboration and with that Highest Love, we can heal any and all of our human aspects.  Think of it like entering a mansion with many rooms that perhaps have been previously torn up or neglected.  Nothing is in a positive, healthy, current order so now, by adding conscious Light into it and a willingness to open to change, new efforts can be made to transform it.  We are the same as the mansion.  We can be renovated, made new, rejuvenated and renewed with the Force of Love itself.  In our Highest Heart, we can truly welcome Love and Compassion into our life to Lovingly work to clear out the old and restore our own vitality.  It take tremendous Faith and true aspiration to move our self forward into a more harmonious state of Love, Compassion and fulfillment.  Forgiveness as a way of thinking and feeling also helps in this process.  When we completely forgive our self and all others, and ask that all others forgive us, we set free the past bondage and allow a much more positive exchange with others.  We send out the positive energy and intention needed to change the old vibration.  The more Light we consciously carry, the more Light we can transmit to others.  We have to trust what is revealed to us in the process of the collaborative relationship.  What we might think we have cleared in the past, might come up again and again until it is clear and we know we are now free of it.  It is like taking a flashlight into the darkened rooms of the mansion, willing and determined to see anything that needs removing, changing and transforming and working consciously to clear it until the room is filled with Light.  Stuck and stagnant energy that is no longer needed or necessary needs to get released before we can openly move forward.  When we sincerely, consciously, actively ask to see what is stuck and how to clear it, the way forward can and will show itself.  Then what has been negative or resistant in our system transforms into positivity and a willingness to move on.  Our human mind, body and emotions can keep us from progress because they may be all we are identified with as our self.  Yet, we are truly more than that and when we realize who we really are, we learn how to clean and clear our system with the Highest Light within.  When we are conscious of that Light, we realize that is the Love that heals us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

World View Perspective: Understanding beyond the mind

When we choose to meditate, contemplate or sit in silence, quieting our mind, we are choosing to go beyond our thinking ego mind.  If we are too identified with our mind, this can sound like a frightening prospect.  The mind would like us to think it is a frightening concept because then we won't do it.  However, what the mind won't tell us is that it has many, many ways to distract.  One of the favorites is to keep us living in the past and the other is worrying about and projecting into the future.  When we allow our mind to take us to either the past or the future, we are not conscious of the current now moment, which, in truth, is the only place where we actually are present.  Positive change happens in the present moment.  It happens in the now because only the 'now' exists.  Being conscious of the now, keeps our focus here and then releasing the mind's distractions becomes easier.  It has been said, that when we sit silently, we can actually see our thoughts coming and going like waves on the ocean.  We are aware of the passing thoughts and when we don't attach to them as real, they will continue passing through.  The High Heart and the soul/Soul in the human system are presently aware within us and accessible when we aspire to know that level of awareness. We have to consciously aspire to make and take the time to seek the higher understanding and find a spiritual practice that works best for our self.  There are many books, spiritual teachers, gurus, healers and courses/classes that can assist one to advance on the spiritual path to enhance that deeper knowledge and understanding.  To sit quietly with a candle and just concentrate on our breathing is another way to begin the process of quieting our mind's endless array of passing thoughts.  To become aware of the consciousness in our High Heart and soul/Soul broadens out our perspective and allows us the expanded understanding of the pure nature of things.  The goal of each lifetime is for the unconscious in us to become conscious.  Becoming conscious of who we are and what actions we are taking as we enhance that attained consciousness carries us forward on a greater path of realization; becoming aware the light exists, seeing the light, being the light, ultimately sharing the light, as a very basic description.  First step in this process and, throughout this process, is the ability to go beyond the mind and learning to silence it's chatter and constant commentary as we become conscious of the present moment.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

World View Perspective: Revitalizing our emotional nature

The sensitivities in our human nature can make life experience's painful for a long, long time.  So much happens over a life time to our emotional nature.  If we see it like a pond with fluidity and true feelings, we see how necessary it becomes to protect it.  It is a vulnerable aspect of our self that can be affected and infected as well as effected by a myriad of things from a variety of sources.  We can also store a huge amount of hurt within our emotional nature and not understand why we don't feel any better, no matter how our life improves.  What we cling to emotionally may have happened a long time ago but it still effects us today or perhaps makes us sick or we maybe we have felt ill for a long time without realizing why.  Again, if we see it like a dense pool of liquid that can become toxic, clouded, confused or infused with too much negativity from the past, it can become more and more toxic without our conscious awareness.  The courage and willingness to look more deeply into what lurks there and begin to free it through forgiveness, love and being conscious of the current moment we actually live in, allows this built up toxicity to be released.  Where can it go?  We can offer it up to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy in the form of gratitude.  Gratitude for all the lessons we have learned, all the 'teachers' who came into our life to reach us and teach us and gratitude that we survived all the way to now.  We can say through prayer, meditation and contemplation that we have carried it all long enough and we are ready to offer it up and out for our continued greater good.  We can forgive our self and all others who affected us in negative ways.  The more we forgive and have gratitude for the past, the more we can transform it, especially in our systems.  We can feel the release of the negativity and the letting go of weightiness after carrying it for so long.  With the old stuck feelings released, we will feel lighter, brighter and happier, which will revitalize our emotional nature and self.  We will become more conscious of what makes us truly happier, healthier, more joyful and more grateful to be alive.  We will also realize how important it is to stay within our boundaries when we are around negative and toxic people so we prevent any further emotional taint that is not ours from affecting our system.  When we can shine a light through our emotional nature to our selves and others, we begin to feel like our true self again and assist others to do the same.  There is a new freedom to love freely again.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

World View Perspective: Accepting our higher guidance

If we trust the quiet inner guidance we receive through our Heart, we are guided to and through processes that take us to our True Self.  The True Self that we really are.  We wear many disguises to get through our lifetime and all the relationships and life experience we encounter.  These disguises can be heavy, hard, fleeting, promising, worrisome or a disaster if that is what we are here to go through.  Yet as we complete the various dramas and traumas or wonderful uplifting moments, time periods and ongoing pleasures of life, we are also given the choice to surrender what we are finishing in order to continue on and grow.  It is like cleaning out our closets.  No matter how attached, identified or reactive we are to an old piece of clothing, when it is time to release it, we must let it go.  It has served it's purpose and it must move on as should we.  It is easier with clothing than it is with feelings, thoughts and relationships.  In order to grow, we have many abilities we can learn to develop throughout our lifetime and just like human abilities, we can also aspire to develop who we are spiritually too.  To aspire to know the truth, to aspire to know who we are and what we are capable of means we need to be willing to open and accept there is a higher guidance to our lives.  As humans we may seek to be in control but to take time every day to hear and receive higher guidance is a worthwhile time to spend with yourself.  It is in the quiet, inner moments with our aspiring self that we can begin to hear the voice and inner guidance of our higher wisdom and knowledge.  Our Heart is very wise and it is Love and Compassion.  It helps us have and develop a higher perspective, which ultimately brings us peace, understanding and acceptance of our self and our life.  It is a gift that continues to give, guiding us ever onward to the true knowledge of the Heart, which is Love.  When we seek to actively, consciously Love our self completely and forgive our self completely, we begin to value our own sincere inner guidance too.  We are more than our limited physical self.  It is through our True Self in the Heart that we understand the bigger picture and it begins by accepting our higher guidance and it is through our higher guidance, we can get there.

Monday, May 18, 2015

World View Perspective: We are not our system's trauma

No matter our age or stage of life, we can have moments when we feel our system's traumas, struggles and strife is who we are and therefore we react as if that is true.  It isn't really us who is reacting, it is our wounded self instead.  Like a naughty child, it must have it's voice and behavior.  It is pulling for the attention of others or wanting their sympathy, empathy or compassion.  When we look deeper within our own highest Heart, and accept there is an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy within us, we realize through Love and Compassion, those physical, emotional, psychological traumas can be lifted off of us.  When some people have a disease in their system, they call it 'theirs'. They effectively own it. They effectively, energetically can make it become a part of themselves.  Then it is themselves who is living with that disease or illness.  Yet, if we realize that we are the energy and Love within our own Heart and Soul, that makes us a living Self, we also realize we can surrender our 'traumas' locked in our system to that greater energy around and within us.  The saying 'let go and Let God' is what this is referring to.  Instead of humanly 'owning' it, we can sincerely try to realize it is an experience in the system and one we can learn from and consciously let go of.  In doing so, we are trusting the Higher Heart of our True Self to help release it and fill it with Love, Light and Truth instead.  Our human mind, body and emotions hold onto many things, whether they are needed, necessary or real anymore at all.  We just don't stay conscious of what we are doing or holding onto so it all feels real to us.  To 'untie from the past and unite with the now moment', we begin to embrace this concept.  To say over and over, 'I am not my system's trauma, I am the energy that heals it', sends a different vibration through to our core and allows for a healing of the trauma. An offering up of the old, stuck energy that has clung too tightly to the past negative memories is what sets it free.  The Pure Love and Energy of the Infinite Being can heal our system's traumas as long as we are willing to offer the trauma up and let it go.  The Infinite Being aspires to connect with us and work as a healthy, positive collaborator in our human system to affect positive change for transformational purposes.  When we trust that positive exchange, it begins to be active in our system, which starts the healing process. With conscious practice, it aids in our ultimate wholeness, balance and inner harmony.

Friday, May 15, 2015

World View Perspective: Letting go of what we are holding onto

Our unconscious/subconscious self has desires that it has held onto for a long, long time.  They may be very old wants and desires and not belong to current day at all.  They may be part of our history, our programming, our past life longings, goals our parents had for us or even another dream from someone else.  Yet, if any part of our system is holding onto these deep desires for itself, sometimes, we simply must let go.  Just like a child who has taken ahold of something that is not good for it.  It might want the little kitten it found but if the small cat belongs to a neighbor, the parent needs to explain to the child that the animal actually belongs elsewhere.  The child might yell, scream, fuss or pout but ultimately, they must release it.  Dreams, hopes, wishes and aspirations can become quite lofty and desires for them can become quite strong yet, not all of them are meant to actually happen in our lifetime.  If they are dreams or aspects of our imaginations, not meant to manifest for us, then through a process of self-acknowledgment, we can own them and release them for our own greater good.  For example, if we had two older siblings, who both went to medical school and became doctors, and we set that goal for our self, too, we may not get there if it is incorrect.  Maybe our destiny is to be an engineer instead.  In that case, we might have put our self through many hardships and difficulties working towards an end result that wasn't for us to begin with, regardless of how much effort we put into it.  At some point, we have to recognize this faulty thinking and let it go, no matter the pain in the actual release process or how long we held onto it.  After, we consciously, actively release it, then our correct path can reveal itself as we move towards it and with it because it is for us.  Asking our consciousness to reveal old, outmoded ideas, dreams or even fantasies that are not correct for us so we can move towards what is correct is a good practice.  It enlightens our system and wakes us up to a new, fresh perspective and truer path forward.  When we release what we have held onto through gratitude and understanding, we are willing to take the next step as it reveals itself.  Our true path is about finding what is correct for us and moving forward as we let the past ideas go.  Old self images must be released for the new growth to show itself and carry us towards our higher goals.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

World View Perspective: Conscious Light enters unconscious density

What is unconscious must come to light.  It is the way of things and the way of balance.  Evolution is an important aspect of life and once we embrace the force of Source in a collaborative way, the Light of consciousness will continue to penetrate into the darkness.  The intention is to purify and shift and change the resistance.  This is the way of enlightened evolution.  What is closed, in fear, clinging to the past or resisting growth and change, must be given opportunities to open, blossom and expand.  In that way, evolution is assured and further growth allowed, invited and encouraged.  When we consciously seek to grow past the past and embrace what is next with true aspiration and positive intention, Source collaborates with our system to work towards that intention.  It may not match our expectations but it will end up correct to ensure further soul growth and overall understanding.  Becoming more and more conscious is always a gift, despite how it might look at the onset.  Trusting the collaboration with Source through our highest aspiration will continue to present us with our own opportunities to evolve.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

World View Perspective: When our true self forgives our false self

When we hold onto old, stuck energy, we can forget it isn't who we are.  That old pattern and vibration can stay in place and have a negative impact for a long, long time.  With our highest intention and our true aspirations, we can access a higher element to our nature that allows us to actively, truthfully forgive ourselves at our deepest level and layer.  Whatever is most disturbing to us can be Lovingly, actively forgiven and consequently released when we truly aspire to do so.  If we have been made to feel badly about something over the course of our lifetime, we can open our highest heart and, through forgiveness, let it go.  Forgiving all people who have been in our lives or who are still in our lives, frees the energy that was created and can remain if we are not diligent in cleaning it off.  When our truest self Loves and forgives all we have done or held onto, that energy begins to shift and change and it frees us to move forward in positive ways as well as enabling people to do the same.  Forgiveness completely sets us free and reminds to live in the present.  A constant state of forgiveness allows the past imbalances to go and fresh new beginnings to come forward.  We can forgive ourselves and in so doing, we can release the old parts of us and feel a greater true self emerging.  The emerging true self connects us to a greater union with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, which is our highest goal in our lifetime.  Let your true self forgive your false self and set free the old stuck energy from the past.  Feel that new Love and expansion of your true self.  Allow it to grow in new ways and feel that freedom to be ourselves.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

World View Perspective: Standing outside the structure

Structured formality has been in place a long, long time.  Monarchs, political structures, cultures, civilizations, nations, kingdoms, religions and families can agree to the rules and live by them.  It keeps people and places in tight order with predictable outcomes in place.  The imposed formal structures can stand the test of time, generation after generation.  Yet, by their very structure, it can also keep us from realizing our True sense of Self.  When we consider the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies as the guiding force of the creation, and we realize we are not separate from that union through the Heart, we realize we are not feeling as connected with who we are as we could be in truth.  In truth, when we only think or feel as if we are the limited structured self that aligns with 'structured formality', we block our own spiritual progress.  We are not buildings, bridges, formations or stuck forms, we are human beings who feel, shift and change and can explore our thinking and feeling base through growth, expansion and Love.  We can access other aspects of our self and realize a greater view of our world and those who surround us.  We can access a greater sense of peace, harmony and healing through our expanded sense of self.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy stands outside the structure as a vibration of Truth, Love, Grace and Peace and yet we are not separate from that Being.  To feel the beauty of that Truth, we need to open our Highest Heart and remember who we are.  We need to realize we are not limited to the 'structured formality' itself.  We can go beyond it, realizing it represents a way to think, to function and to apply action but it is also a limited view of who we truly are inside.  Our true connection to a greater truth lies outside the structured formality of life.  Standing outside the creation enables us to feel a deeper union with a greater vision of why we are here and what we have come here to do.  In order to ground our self, it may be useful to think along structured lines, especially when moving within a structured group of people with a similar purpose.  Yet, to go beyond the formality of structured thought, we must be willing to stand outside the creation to feel the Union with the Infinite.  When one realizes that, our expanded intelligence grows and we see and understand that limitation itself is an illusion.  The courage to stand outside the creation, allows us, invites us to remember Love, Truth and Grace, it reminds us who we are.