World View Perspective: Untie from the past, unite with now

When we consciously, actively let go of the past through constant effort, we can feel the experience of union with the current moment.  We can feel connected to the higher consciousness of Love, Compassion, Grace and Joy, knowing that we cannot be separate from the Highest perspective.   Being in and experiencing life in a human form is miraculous!  Yet, through our subconscious/unconscious, we can hold onto fear of the past as if it is real in current day, although it is not!  It can just be our human nature that holds onto negative, old perceptions that block our greater growth and expansion; spiritually and physically.  To go beyond the boundaries of a limited identification of our known self, allows us to understand so much more about our true self and the true world around us!  By letting the past go, with love and positive intention, along with gratitude for it all, we are ready for what's next.  We create the fresh new opening for greater possibilities.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies can clear out the past and align us with the current moment.  Healing happens when we are no longer bound by the past.  The freedom to feel Love and Compassion in each breathing moment provides an open space and open Grace to work within our system for our greater good.  A Higher union is then possible.  Love is the strongest force there is and union with the Love itself is our ultimate true nature and destination.


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