World View Perspective: Self acceptance aligns us with the bigger picture

When we understand and accept that everything is energy and our True Self expands way beyond our limited physical body, we can begin to heal our self through our clear intentions to do so.  When we have suffered too much negative treatment from others or even from our selves or gone through difficult relationships and hardships, it is easy to deny aspects of our whole self.  To align more and more clearly with our True Self, it is important to accept our self as we are.  Asking the Infinite Being for clarity and compassion towards aspects of our selves that feel locked or blocked in some way, invites and encourages the collaborative energy of Love and Love in our own High Heart to bring us what we need in order to heal.  The greatest intention and aspiration we can have is to align with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies.  That Loving Being is who we really are within too.  It is through the action and practice of Loving self acceptance that we can clear any blockages in our way that are preventing that deeper and closer relationship with the Infinite Being.  The search and seeking for that ultimate, intimate relationship is everyone's inner quest at some point in their lifetime or some eventual lifetime, if not this one.  Accepting our self now, by releasing the past, is another way to stay constantly present in the now.  Accepting one's self spiritually, in the intellect, the mental, psychological self, emotional self and physical body self takes consistent practice, awareness and discipline.  It also takes faith and self Love.  Ask the Infinite Being for assistance in opening those currently closed doors within your system until you feel the force of Love entering your system from within your own Heart.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies is seeking that same conscious union with you that you seek.  Start that union by consciously, actively practicing self acceptance and self Love.


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