World View Perspective: Practiced self love is Infinite Love

Self love can sometimes be the last thing anyone thinks about, especially those who naturally put others first.  Yet when we can love and accept ourselves for who we really are, we are best aligning our self with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Through our own deepest self forgiveness and letting go process, we are saying the old blocks and locks can go.  We are accepting our self like the force of Love is forgiveness itself.  Love is our bottom line and once that is in place, what is not love can and will go. When we accept negative human aspects as givens in our system, they can multiply and gain steam.  Soon, we can become convinced we are that negative, false, unlovable, unwanted and rejected self when, in fact, it is just the effect of negativity undoing our truthful sense of self.   Practicing self love doesn't mean everything we do is accepted but rather we learn how to discern who we are versus who we aren't.  Just breathing in and out, bringing in love and appreciated life is an easy place to start.  Being present in a positive frame of mind, again along with the breath, can bring us into present time.  Every time, we are aware of present time, that is the time to accept our own self through love.  We can also not accept negative self talk when we catch it.  We can cancel it and turn it into a positive statement.  This kind of positive practice allows us to become more aware and conscious.  The opening for give and take with practiced self love and love of the Infinite, in the spirit of collaboration, creates the space for a newer happier, healthier balance to come. In this way, a greater alignment is most possible.


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