World View Perspective: In a Heart-based world, a new proposal for Peace

If we open our Hearts and Compassion to imagine a new world, positive changes seem to come.  Imagining a Peaceful world for us all, it seems perhaps fitting to suggest some changes, allowing such a world to happen.  Just one idea, as a result of looking through the Heart might be to adopt a new name for the Higher Energy that guides us, loves us and protects us.  If we were to adopt the name, "Infinite Being', known as IB, then we could begin to see IB in every human being, animal and living life form.  We wouldn't see all the current world's division between race, gender, religion or socioeconomic status.  A view of a whole world, which might allow for a greater equality to come; a better balance for us all.  If IB became our constant, our guide post, our inner mentor, than the simple message reflected back to us would be, 'bi'.  Emulate your higher energies, live life through Love and Compassion, practicing kindness and respect.  Using the term 'God' with the various religions at war, has truly created so much conflict.  The term 'God' also refers to Love, Compassion, Grace and Truth but with so much current divide and consequent angst, it seems the overall message of 'God' has become tainted.  It is difficult to imagine a 'God' who would be encouraging war and encouraging so much division among people around the world.  As a new perspective, if we say, IB asks that we aspire to become our Highest Heart, reflected back to us would be the answer, 'bi' with us finding peace within ourselves, as we become 'ib' in human form! With that aspiration and effort, we would, through practiced Love and Compassion, become the human equivalent of 'bi' in our Highest Heart.  When our High Heart is open, Loving, Compassionate, respectful and kind, we align more naturally with God's plan for the greatest aspiration of mankind.  We aim higher to understand the big picture, going beyond basic human understanding.  Spiritual awareness expands our perspective and allows us a broader view.  What would happen, looking through your High Hearts, if we adopted a new name for this most Loving and Compassionate energy that supports this whole creation?  What if we called it, 'IB', allowing us to not see all living things through our perhaps old, narrow, mental picture but rather through the clarity of Heart and all that is possible there in our selves and in each other.  Becoming Heart-based is the new incoming Force and perhaps we need to start with a new name, one that goes right to the Heart of our Wholeness and Oneness, eliminating any need for division and war.  As you open your High Heart to the concept of a new name, Infinite Being, 'IB', see if your Heart doesn't accept it as a new possibility for Peace.


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