World View Perspective: Collaborative Compassion in the 'now' moment

The only time we can make changes is in the 'now' moment.  It is the only time we can be conscious too.  We can look back through time to seek understanding clarity and awareness and contemplate on what is next but our only effective time for action is now.  In our High Heart, in any conscious moment, we can forgive what was done to us in the past and consciously aspire for a state of Compassion now.  Imagine the situation, the person, the place and time and through consciousness now, go back and undo what was negative, hurtful or harmful between you and the other person or people.  Imagine all the old pain and confusion being released, healed and allowed to move on.  See the Love that was there as the healing force for positive change.  Everything is energy and consequently, when we set our most positive intention to create a new fresh energetic outcome, true to its word, the positive energy can release the old negative past ties.  Our imagination is a rich and fertile ground to heal old wounds between people, families, earth and lives.  Our collaborative, Compassionate and Loving Heart is our tool for active, healing positive change in the now moment.  Source or the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies wants our Love and devotion to become the cooperative, collaborate, Compassionate link found in our High Heart.  The intention is to open our High Heart to 'letting go and letting God' take away what no longer serves us and to replace it with Love and acceptance.  The past is simply the past and when we consciously actively strive to learn from it and let it go, we will come into a happier, healthier more positive change that affects us and all around us.  This is the bigger picture and purpose for being human.  Coming into the now awareness and consciousness is a powerful tool, enabling our Loving Compassion.  When we are unconscious, underdeveloped or confused, we make mistakes and create hard feelings.  Holding onto these negative experiences is easy to do and they can become stuck for years.  Collaborative Compassion from our High Heart is how to release these old and buried aspects of negativity and the time to take that action is in each now moment.  Union with the High Heart enables this Compassionate Collaboration and more and more Love is the positive, healing result.


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