Fear isn't real, Faith is truth

Once the human system has known fear, it can still feel real even when it isn't.  It is like a memory recall instead of a genuine threat.  A force on earth that can eliminate it, cancel it and remove it is Faith.  Applying conscious Faith on any fear we have, on any level we have it, allows the fear to be released and in that space more Faith comes.  See it like flushing out an old stuck and rusty pipe with new piping and fresh water.  What has become fearful, old and immobile is replaced with a newer, shinier substance that changes the very fabric of the previous item.  This is how Faith works.  Fear isn't real because it can be changed.  Fear can be transformed and transmuted.  Faith transforms fear into greater Faith.  Lessons and learning in life, for the soul's purpose, can have fear as a mechanism and trigger for forward motion.  We can choose to move out of fear into greater Faith.  If we cannot see where we are or why we are there, it could be because of fear.  Fear that we have made some poor choice, fear it is all a mistake or fear that all we love will disappear.  To acknowledge the fear and trust Faith with it produces miraculous moments.  Genuine fear, we will know, and again with Faith, we can see how to resolve it, remove it or get clear from it.  If it is just an old pattern of fear, resistance or negative thinking, conscious Faith is the right choice of action.  Faith aligns us with a greater Truth and that Truth is a powerful presence.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is Truth, Faith and Love.  When we release our fears to the sense of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, the miracles occur and the fear is lifted and we are gifted to more clarity.  Once fear enters our system, it acts as a lock and block to so many more possibilities and growth.  It can thwart our greater expanded sense of self.  As these inhibitors are surrendered, we feel a greater joy and a greater connection to all that is possible for who we truly are within.  Fear isn't real and Faith is never false.  Practice true Faith in yourself and in the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies and see if you don't feel that Truthful, Loving Grace.


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