Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fear isn't real, Faith is truth

Once the human system has known fear, it can still feel real even when it isn't.  It is like a memory recall instead of a genuine threat.  A force on earth that can eliminate it, cancel it and remove it is Faith.  Applying conscious Faith on any fear we have, on any level we have it, allows the fear to be released and in that space more Faith comes.  See it like flushing out an old stuck and rusty pipe with new piping and fresh water.  What has become fearful, old and immobile is replaced with a newer, shinier substance that changes the very fabric of the previous item.  This is how Faith works.  Fear isn't real because it can be changed.  Fear can be transformed and transmuted.  Faith transforms fear into greater Faith.  Lessons and learning in life, for the soul's purpose, can have fear as a mechanism and trigger for forward motion.  We can choose to move out of fear into greater Faith.  If we cannot see where we are or why we are there, it could be because of fear.  Fear that we have made some poor choice, fear it is all a mistake or fear that all we love will disappear.  To acknowledge the fear and trust Faith with it produces miraculous moments.  Genuine fear, we will know, and again with Faith, we can see how to resolve it, remove it or get clear from it.  If it is just an old pattern of fear, resistance or negative thinking, conscious Faith is the right choice of action.  Faith aligns us with a greater Truth and that Truth is a powerful presence.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is Truth, Faith and Love.  When we release our fears to the sense of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, the miracles occur and the fear is lifted and we are gifted to more clarity.  Once fear enters our system, it acts as a lock and block to so many more possibilities and growth.  It can thwart our greater expanded sense of self.  As these inhibitors are surrendered, we feel a greater joy and a greater connection to all that is possible for who we truly are within.  Fear isn't real and Faith is never false.  Practice true Faith in yourself and in the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies and see if you don't feel that Truthful, Loving Grace.

Monday, April 27, 2015

World View Perspective: Practiced self love is Infinite Love

Self love can sometimes be the last thing anyone thinks about, especially those who naturally put others first.  Yet when we can love and accept ourselves for who we really are, we are best aligning our self with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Through our own deepest self forgiveness and letting go process, we are saying the old blocks and locks can go.  We are accepting our self like the force of Love is forgiveness itself.  Love is our bottom line and once that is in place, what is not love can and will go. When we accept negative human aspects as givens in our system, they can multiply and gain steam.  Soon, we can become convinced we are that negative, false, unlovable, unwanted and rejected self when, in fact, it is just the effect of negativity undoing our truthful sense of self.   Practicing self love doesn't mean everything we do is accepted but rather we learn how to discern who we are versus who we aren't.  Just breathing in and out, bringing in love and appreciated life is an easy place to start.  Being present in a positive frame of mind, again along with the breath, can bring us into present time.  Every time, we are aware of present time, that is the time to accept our own self through love.  We can also not accept negative self talk when we catch it.  We can cancel it and turn it into a positive statement.  This kind of positive practice allows us to become more aware and conscious.  The opening for give and take with practiced self love and love of the Infinite, in the spirit of collaboration, creates the space for a newer happier, healthier balance to come. In this way, a greater alignment is most possible.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

World View Perspective: Untie from the past, unite with now

When we consciously, actively let go of the past through constant effort, we can feel the experience of union with the current moment.  We can feel connected to the higher consciousness of Love, Compassion, Grace and Joy, knowing that we cannot be separate from the Highest perspective.   Being in and experiencing life in a human form is miraculous!  Yet, through our subconscious/unconscious, we can hold onto fear of the past as if it is real in current day, although it is not!  It can just be our human nature that holds onto negative, old perceptions that block our greater growth and expansion; spiritually and physically.  To go beyond the boundaries of a limited identification of our known self, allows us to understand so much more about our true self and the true world around us!  By letting the past go, with love and positive intention, along with gratitude for it all, we are ready for what's next.  We create the fresh new opening for greater possibilities.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies can clear out the past and align us with the current moment.  Healing happens when we are no longer bound by the past.  The freedom to feel Love and Compassion in each breathing moment provides an open space and open Grace to work within our system for our greater good.  A Higher union is then possible.  Love is the strongest force there is and union with the Love itself is our ultimate true nature and destination.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

World View Perspective: Self acceptance aligns us with the bigger picture

When we understand and accept that everything is energy and our True Self expands way beyond our limited physical body, we can begin to heal our self through our clear intentions to do so.  When we have suffered too much negative treatment from others or even from our selves or gone through difficult relationships and hardships, it is easy to deny aspects of our whole self.  To align more and more clearly with our True Self, it is important to accept our self as we are.  Asking the Infinite Being for clarity and compassion towards aspects of our selves that feel locked or blocked in some way, invites and encourages the collaborative energy of Love and Love in our own High Heart to bring us what we need in order to heal.  The greatest intention and aspiration we can have is to align with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies.  That Loving Being is who we really are within too.  It is through the action and practice of Loving self acceptance that we can clear any blockages in our way that are preventing that deeper and closer relationship with the Infinite Being.  The search and seeking for that ultimate, intimate relationship is everyone's inner quest at some point in their lifetime or some eventual lifetime, if not this one.  Accepting our self now, by releasing the past, is another way to stay constantly present in the now.  Accepting one's self spiritually, in the intellect, the mental, psychological self, emotional self and physical body self takes consistent practice, awareness and discipline.  It also takes faith and self Love.  Ask the Infinite Being for assistance in opening those currently closed doors within your system until you feel the force of Love entering your system from within your own Heart.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies is seeking that same conscious union with you that you seek.  Start that union by consciously, actively practicing self acceptance and self Love.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

World View Perspective: In a Heart-based world, a new proposal for Peace

If we open our Hearts and Compassion to imagine a new world, positive changes seem to come.  Imagining a Peaceful world for us all, it seems perhaps fitting to suggest some changes, allowing such a world to happen.  Just one idea, as a result of looking through the Heart might be to adopt a new name for the Higher Energy that guides us, loves us and protects us.  If we were to adopt the name, "Infinite Being', known as IB, then we could begin to see IB in every human being, animal and living life form.  We wouldn't see all the current world's division between race, gender, religion or socioeconomic status.  A view of a whole world, which might allow for a greater equality to come; a better balance for us all.  If IB became our constant, our guide post, our inner mentor, than the simple message reflected back to us would be, 'bi'.  Emulate your higher energies, live life through Love and Compassion, practicing kindness and respect.  Using the term 'God' with the various religions at war, has truly created so much conflict.  The term 'God' also refers to Love, Compassion, Grace and Truth but with so much current divide and consequent angst, it seems the overall message of 'God' has become tainted.  It is difficult to imagine a 'God' who would be encouraging war and encouraging so much division among people around the world.  As a new perspective, if we say, IB asks that we aspire to become our Highest Heart, reflected back to us would be the answer, 'bi' with us finding peace within ourselves, as we become 'ib' in human form! With that aspiration and effort, we would, through practiced Love and Compassion, become the human equivalent of 'bi' in our Highest Heart.  When our High Heart is open, Loving, Compassionate, respectful and kind, we align more naturally with God's plan for the greatest aspiration of mankind.  We aim higher to understand the big picture, going beyond basic human understanding.  Spiritual awareness expands our perspective and allows us a broader view.  What would happen, looking through your High Hearts, if we adopted a new name for this most Loving and Compassionate energy that supports this whole creation?  What if we called it, 'IB', allowing us to not see all living things through our perhaps old, narrow, mental picture but rather through the clarity of Heart and all that is possible there in our selves and in each other.  Becoming Heart-based is the new incoming Force and perhaps we need to start with a new name, one that goes right to the Heart of our Wholeness and Oneness, eliminating any need for division and war.  As you open your High Heart to the concept of a new name, Infinite Being, 'IB', see if your Heart doesn't accept it as a new possibility for Peace.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

World View Perspective: Collaborative Compassion in the 'now' moment

The only time we can make changes is in the 'now' moment.  It is the only time we can be conscious too.  We can look back through time to seek understanding clarity and awareness and contemplate on what is next but our only effective time for action is now.  In our High Heart, in any conscious moment, we can forgive what was done to us in the past and consciously aspire for a state of Compassion now.  Imagine the situation, the person, the place and time and through consciousness now, go back and undo what was negative, hurtful or harmful between you and the other person or people.  Imagine all the old pain and confusion being released, healed and allowed to move on.  See the Love that was there as the healing force for positive change.  Everything is energy and consequently, when we set our most positive intention to create a new fresh energetic outcome, true to its word, the positive energy can release the old negative past ties.  Our imagination is a rich and fertile ground to heal old wounds between people, families, earth and lives.  Our collaborative, Compassionate and Loving Heart is our tool for active, healing positive change in the now moment.  Source or the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies wants our Love and devotion to become the cooperative, collaborate, Compassionate link found in our High Heart.  The intention is to open our High Heart to 'letting go and letting God' take away what no longer serves us and to replace it with Love and acceptance.  The past is simply the past and when we consciously actively strive to learn from it and let it go, we will come into a happier, healthier more positive change that affects us and all around us.  This is the bigger picture and purpose for being human.  Coming into the now awareness and consciousness is a powerful tool, enabling our Loving Compassion.  When we are unconscious, underdeveloped or confused, we make mistakes and create hard feelings.  Holding onto these negative experiences is easy to do and they can become stuck for years.  Collaborative Compassion from our High Heart is how to release these old and buried aspects of negativity and the time to take that action is in each now moment.  Union with the High Heart enables this Compassionate Collaboration and more and more Love is the positive, healing result.