World View Perspective: Understanding and embracing our true nature

Understanding our true nature allows us to be true to our self first.  When we know the Love we carry in our own highest Heart and we embrace that Love within us, that inner Compassion for all we have been as well as who we are, enables our true nature to shine.  A relationship, a connection and a deeper inner knowingness ensues and a natural process of collaboration with Love itself begins.  When we expand our High Heart to include Love for all aspects of our human nature by forgiving the past injustices and unconscious choices we made in our previous moments, perhaps lacking maturity at the time, we understand the process of 'Letting go and letting God.'  In our deepest Heart of Hearts, that is the point and purpose of our life here.  We are here to understand what is deep in our Heart and soul.  To embrace it, become it and allow it to heal us completely.  That Force of Love is who we really are because it is cosmic and universal energy and we are not separate from it.  As human beings, when we harness this deep Love and Compassion, we are bringing through to us and through us that same pure positive Force of Love.  A force that is stronger than negativity, stronger than fear and stronger than stagnation.  A force that has guided mankind from the beginning.  It is a gift of Grace.  If everything is energy and indeed it is, then just like recycling any other material goods so that new goods can come, what we release returns to us in another form.  As we offer up the old stuck ways of acting, thinking and feeling, we pave the way for the new to come.  When old aspects of our human nature have finished out their course, and we consciously let them go, what can flood our system in the open spaces is a greater Love.  Our true nature is to Love.  Maybe we came here to teach, play music, paint, write or be of service to others, as examples.  When we open our High Heart to embrace the Love we are, those aspects of our true nature will bring through the most perfect blend of Heart and, as such, will touch the Heart of many others.  When we understand and embrace our true nature, we are saying, 'YES' to LOVE, 'YES' to our purpose and 'YES' to who we are. 


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