World View Perspective: Opening our hearts and minds

When we consciously open our High Heart to our own personal heart and mind, Love can fill us with a true sense of positive connection and a sense of true unity.  We experience a True Heart Union with Love itself, which is the strongest, most transformative force on the planet.  The Love found in our High Heart connects us to earth, to each other, to the Universe and the Cosmic realm.  We can literally vibrate with the whole creation as well as consciously clear blocks and locks from the past.  Everything is energy and so everything vibrates with energy.  When we focus on the most positive energy we are and we have, it will resonate with everything else that is similar.  The Law of Attraction says that when we lift our own energy and vibration, we attract similar vibrations towards us.  If Love as a pure force on earth and within us vibrates with the Force of Love itself, then as we choose to consciously, actively open our Heart to that Love, 'as above, so below as within', we begin the shift and change our system and fill with more Love.  A living, present Love is our assurance that we are truly that Love itself.  What is truly in our High Heart connects us to the strongest force on the planet.  It is stronger than fear, stronger than darkness and stronger than levels of human nature that can harm us or have negative effects on our system.  When and as we clear the fear in our minds and personal hearts and aspire to access our High Hearts, a positive reply of Love will come.  It wants to come and help us transform because we are not separate from it.  It is ultimately who we are and the energy we carry.  It just takes an open mind and an open heart along with a willingness to embrace who we truly are within.


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