World View Perspective: For the sake of the Heart

When we understand the voice in our Heart, we realize that life is about shifts and changes.  If we don't pay attention to what our Heart tells us and trust that inner voice and vision, we can be pulled in other directions, allowing distraction and unconsciousness to grab our attention.  We can look up from those distractions and wonder where our Heart went.  Without conscious, deliberate action to hear the guidance from within, it is easy to lose our way or give our power over to someone else.  If it doesn't feel right, it often isn't right.  It is up to us to learn how to discern what is correct for us and what isn't.  Our Heart has our best interest at Heart.  If we need more courage to do what is correct, we can also summon that up from our Highest Heart.  The Heart is the Truth of who we are because it links us to Love itself.  Love is our ultimate expression and purpose here.  To become that Love, we must be able to discern our Heart.  The Love for us found in the Heart is guiding us back to that Love itself.  It is that union of Love that gives our life purpose.  Love pushes all the fear out and brings us clarity and more Love.  When our Heart guides us to a place in nature, for example, that we Love, try just sitting there quietly in that sense of mutual Love.  See if you don't feel that Love mirrored back.  Now there is more Love between you, within you and coming from you.  Love was just enhanced and increased.  For the sake of our Hearts, we need to listen and glisten the truth.  We need to realize there is more to us than our limited sense of self.  When we consciously create a relationship with our High Heart, our High Heart will guide us to Love itself and onto our Higher Expression of the Love we carry.  For the sake of our Heart, we must learn to listen and listen with all our Heart.


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