World View Perspective: The Essence of presence

When we realize our High Heart exists, we realize this inner presence is the essence of who we are.  We realize we are not separate from it because it is our center; it is our life.  It is our true relationship, linking us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is that Essence that is the very creation of life.  It is the true heart beat of a living Presence.  In a human form, we are able to accomplish so much.  We have a mind, body, an ability to speak, to love, to do many things; seemingly all at once.  Yet, going deeper within, we can access a deeper connecting truth; an awareness, a consciousness, a light that allows us the deepest connection, a relationship to the essence of presence.  The guidance that comes from the High Heart allows us, invites us to surrender our personal self to the experience and knowledge of the expanded Self.  This expanded Self is the awareness itself that everything is energy, including us.  Energy to move, to expand, to grow and to feel.  In the essence of presence we feel that connection, we are that relationship to Infinite Love itself.  Once consciously connected, the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy moves to us and through us in a collaborative way to enlighten, to uplift, to inspire and to transform.  Blocks, locks and shocks to the system can be released and freed up so more freedom of movement can occur.  Life is destined to move us forward and assist us in further growth and expansion until we become that that we truly are from that deepest understanding.  Trusting the Essence of presence, through knowledge and experience, assists in the expansion from our personal self to our expanded Self, bringing forth the Love and Compassion, which links us to our higher purpose.  In truth, we are the Love itself and it is through that Love that fear cannot exist.  Have faith in the Essence of presence and feel that true Love you are, knowing you are never separate from a pure living Love as a conscious, active truth.


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