World View Perspective: Compassion for our physical bodies

Our physical bodies are amazingly strong and capable systems.  They absorb so much energetic bombardment on a daily basis.  They receive this bombardment from our environment, our dietary experiences, our mind and emotional responses as they all play out in our human form.  Many unseen energies play off it as well.  Energies of lust, greed, fear, anger and jealousy to name a few.  Many of the energies are subtle and barely detectable but they can still have an impact.  Sometimes, we aren't even conscious of the heaviness we carry or the fact it could be someone else's weight.  Unresolved issues can become heaviness in one's system.  If we stay unconscious of how we feel in our physical bodies, we can almost go numb and harm ourselves further.  When we are in a relationship with someone, we must be aware of how our system interacts with their system.  Perhaps they are out of balance with their issues and yet when we are around them, we can't discern their issues are not our issues.  We just notice this element or that element but can't detect what we feel doesn't really belong to us.  Learning how to protect out human systems from energies that don't belong to us takes vigilance and practice.  We can surround our physical bodies in white light and have a sense of what it feels like to be in our own energy space.  Then as we interact with others, we can feel when the energy around us becomes more and more dense or we become more and more aware that we don't feel quite like our self any more.  A simple technique is to imagine yourself standing underneath a white, flowing waterfall, cleansing your system off, feeling a fresh, clear stream of pure white energy, surrounding you and protecting you.  Once you feel it, imagine it clean, clear and all around you.  Anytime you feel out of balance, activate the stream until you feel clear again.  This also invites us, enables us to have more and more compassion for our human physical form.  It really is miraculous in its design and intention.  It enables us to function well on the earth plane and accomplish many things having a body allows us.  If our physical body is holding onto too much energy from the past or energy that doesn't belong to you, reassure your body, it can always lovingly release what no longer serves it well.  Our physical human bodies do have an intelligence all its own.  We can interact with it and have a relationship with the consciousness and intelligence in our physical human bodies.  Sending it loving Compassion for all its hard work is a very good place to start.


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